Friday, July 4, 2014

Challenge: Mind, Body, & Soul

Happy Fourth of July!!

Alex and I turned a year older last month. We have only been together for two years. It really feels like a lifetime at this point. After getting engaged after a month and a half of dating, we got married that fall, and Nicholas came a year later. Life is so weird!

Anyway, I wanted to take on a challenge with my new age. I asked Alex if he wanted to join me, and he was all for it.

Let the fireworks, fly! ;)....

My challenge is to exhibit self control and excel more in the areas pertaining to my mind, body, and soul. 


I take my diet and fitness very seriously. It is very rare for me to "slip up" in this category. I have this mentality that food is actually fuel. Therefore, I just cannot scarf down meals or snacks that I have not found to benefit my body. Plus, since Nicholas still needs important nutrition from me, I take my food intake even more seriously. This category will be easy!

For my mind, I want to work on simplifying, as well as, creating a more positive environment for myself and others. Instead of focusing on the negative, I will consider the alternative. Like many of you, I just want my family to be happy.

Lastly, my soul. I did not grow up in a very religious household. I was taught to be a "good" person. Alex brought religion into my life, and he knows I struggle with much of the content because I am still learning a lot. Since Nick was born, we have been reading pieces of the Bible to him. After the school year ended, I read short stories from the children's version of the Bible to Nick every day. I have committed myself to at least 15 minutes a day. I actually enjoy the stories, and I am educating myself with our son.

I don't think that this is enough though. After much thought, I have decided that I am going to get rid of my Facebook app and replace it with some type of app pertaining to the Bible. I will admit that I check Facebook a few times a day when I'm bored. Besides a few good articles and pictures, I am wasting my precious time.

So, during my "I'm bored" or free time, I will be working on myself...making me a better wife, mother, friend, family member, citizen and person overall this year. I want to take out the wasted time and replace it with moments and thoughts that provoke higher levels of thought and action.

Is anyone with me? Or were you able to make a New Year's resolution that you actually stuck with? Maybe you failed one year, but you keep putting it back on your challenge list??

Have fun with your family and friends this weekend, and be safe! xo


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