Thursday, May 29, 2014

Good boy!

When I hear the word, "fat", negative emotions, feelings and thoughts start flowing in. If you're like me, we need to change our perspectives! Fats are not what their evil reputation makes them out to be...well, let me elaborate. It is time we team up with our polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats because we need them as much as they need us!

Jillian Michaels wrote, "Calories are a unit of energy and fat is a stored energy." (Found here.) I love this! Her quote speaks volumes because calories travel in, through and out of our bodies. Actually "fat" sticks around in places that most of us probably don't appreciate.

Just because a food product describes itself as "low fat", please remember to read the label! This "fat" is most likely man-made and processed. Is that something you want to put into your body? Of course, moderation is key with all your meals and snacks, but keep in mind that there are "good" fats out there that you and your body will surely appreciate-- emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Trust me, I am still working on breaking my cereal habit! ;) I love the crunch, and it isn't easy. I am working on my self-control every day. I am confident that I can overcome this isle in the organic section. 

Below is a picture of some good fats that your body will thank you for, as well as, your waistline:


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Find your fitness sweet spot....

Looking back even in my best shape of doing cheerleading and gymnastics 4-5 days a week I HATED running and anything super cardio. It just wasn't my thing. I literally would freak out when our college coach made us run a mile. I hated it. It made no sense to me because hello I did not sign up to do track I signed up to tumble and cheer co-ed. I get a tad snarky when I don't like things in fitness haha.

I am the same way still. After we had Vincent and Luke I figured I would give running another shot. I honestly thought it would be the ONLY way to get back into shape after 2 kids. I mean gymnastics and tumbling that had kept me in shape was not on the horizon again after kids. I bought new hot pink running shoes and we even got a jogging stroller, all to get me in the running mindset. I actually did get up to running a mile around our neighborhood, but still I did not like it! It just wasn't my thing. Then I got pregnant with Jude haha so running went down the pie-hole. 

Now here I am with 4 kids, and when we started this journey I looked to everyone else for advice on what programs they liked best and what worked for them. I looked to Jamie who loved Body Rock and T25 and figured if she can do it, then so can I. I went head first into Body Rock and after a few weeks HATED it! Mainly because it was so heavily focused on cardio. I would despise the workouts and it honestly was making me bitter. And that bitterness was spilling over into my life, cranky moms and wives are so not cool. Thank God I had ordered a new program, insert the 21 Day Fix, the 30 min or less workout, I tried it one day and it was like it was MADE specifically for me. There is not too much cardio and there are moments of rest. I can actually take a drink of water without hitting pause. Hallelujah!  Some days its pilates and some days are yoga. Some days are upper body and the next lower body. There is a few cardio workouts and I can ALMOST hang with them but those are the days where I push myself with the mindset that the next day will be better. haha! It was a great mix for me and has worked wonders. 

(this pose is not in 21 day fix, its just me on a Sunday playing around with yoga) 

Last month we decided to take on T25 for a challenge group on our blog, hello it's only 25 minutes, I can hang right? WRONG. I was right back at the hating it stage. T25 is legit hard core cardio for 25 minutes, aka 25 minutes of hell for me. Jamie and a few of my friends LOVE IT. It works wonders for some people, just not me. I went straight back to my 21 Day Fix after a few days of trying. Full blown cardio and running are not my friend, and you know what, they don't have to be.

Through starting this blog I figured out, I don't have to be doing the same exact fitness and eating regime as others to get results. Fitness should not be something that you hate, just like eating shouldn't be. The only way you are going to actually stick with something is to make it work within your own lifestyle. If you hate something there is no way you will stick with it. I have still had amazing results by doing my own thing and a workout that I love. I don't have to keep up with my blog partner Jamie on her cardio loving lifestyle, it just isn't me. And trying to make your life someone else's is always going to back fire. 
So I urge you to find your own fitness sweet spot. Find a program that works for you and only you. Yoga is honestly my favorite thing. Because I spent many years balancing on a guys hand up in the air, everytime I do yoga poses I envision being back up there in cheerleading. I squeeze my muscles and body the same way I used to to hold perfectly still. So yoga is great for me. I am a lower impact lady at the moment. One day I may work up to doing higher impact cardio but for the time being the 21 Day Fix is my sweet spot for fitness. And for 30 minutes a day it just works perfect for me. Hence why I keep repeating the program. 

"No matter where you are at. START THERE. It's really your only option!"


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Calorie Counting

I have been reading up about counting calories because of the fitness apps you can get on your phone. I did try MyFitnessPal, but I pretty much eat the same foods every day, so my calorie count is always predictable.

Recently, I read about how not all calories are created equal. One researcher, Dr. Mencola states, "In short, you do not get fat because you eat too many calories and don't exercise enough. You get fat because you eat the wrong kind of calorie." The link to his article can be found here

To me, this reminds us that calories actually don't matter, but the foods we choose as fuel for our bodies. Of course, I could marl down some yummy Hostess treats or substitute those for carrot sticks and apple slices. The treats may satisfy me in those split seconds, but they do not benefit my body in the long or short run. 

This video is pretty amateur, but short enough to get the point I'm trying to make across: Calorie Counting Doesn't Matter

Have any of you found success with counting calories? I am actually very interested in those of you who have stuck with the calorie counting overtime. 


Friday, May 23, 2014


I have always been a super outgoing person, always.
I honestly just LOVE people and getting to know them and how they tick. 
But in reality I have usually been pretty insecure. Actually I am not sure if insecure is the right word, I just have never felt 110% complete with myself. You know when you are second guessing yourself and the things you say or the person you are. I feel like that was always me in a way. I was always trying to keep up with the rat race of what I thought others wanted me to be. I was always trying to paint the picture of what I thought beauty was. 
I remember hating my nose. Honestly. HATING IT! I remember once someone told me I had a big nose, as if I could not see it in the mirror people. I am almost positive they referred to it as a "negro" nose. Yeah, that one haunted me forever. I also remember someone in high school pointing out my teeth were not straight. I always tried to position my smile just right to not show my crooked teeth. Trying to portray something that is not true make your insecurities even worse. Its always the worst when someone else picks up on your flaw of insecurity. PS thank you to Invisalign for helping that problem a few years ago. SCORE! 

Anyways we all have our insecurities. So many issues have went to rest since I became a mom. The nose that I once hated and tried to hide is now present on my kids and I have learned to embrace the Schreiner nose. It represents my dad and my grandfather and our family. It marks that my kids are clearly carrying my features, especially Vincent. I love that he has my nose. The nose that I once hated. It marks that Vincent is all mine, him and that nose!! 
Beauty is such a funny thing. We have this idea of what "beauty" is, you know the perfect skin, the flawless hair, the perfect white straight smile. But it's not at all about that. I see beauty in peoples imperfections. I see beauty in the fact that my boys have ALL chipped their little teeth. I see beauty in the scar that Vincent has on his forehead from our vacation at the ranch. I see beauty in the scar that my husband has on his face from being bit by a dog as a child. I know that scar was very annoying to him growing up but I see these imperfections as our life story, as moments in our lives that we will remember. Moments that make us who we are. I get annoyed daily when scrubbing my face to see all the scars from my wonderful pregnancy acne. The old Allie would want to get something done to erase the marks, to hide them from people, but I am who I am now. This is me, acne scars and all. These scars are a reminder of my pregnancies with my sweet boys and they are a million times more important than any mark or imperfection on my skin.
After 4 kids, the scale going up and down and seeing my body in so many difference sizes over these past 5 years I can now say when I look in the mirror I see beauty. I see myself, raw and real, sometimes with make up on but most of the times completely a mess and I can still smile. I smile at who I have become over these years. I smile at all I have been through, the crazy ups and downs of my hormones with pregnancy and post partum. I remember looking in the mirror just a mere 4 months ago amidst the post partum hell and wondering who I was. I was still there, behind the tired blood shot eyes and worn down body. I smile that I have found my place in this big ole world, that I have risen above any past issue or problem. That I am beautiful despite any imperfection or flaw. I now do not have a definition of what beauty is. 
There is no definition in my eyes. Beauty is so many things. There is beauty inside everyone, and most the time it has nothing at all to do with looks. 
Embrace the beauty in your lives from here on out. Embrace your big nose or your crazy hair. Focus on the "flaws" that may unite you to your ancestors. My nose is a trademark, when you see my father you INSTANTLY know I am his, and same with Vincent. I wouldn't trade that flaw for anything.

So step back and find your beauty. If you need help finding your beauty you just let me know haha I can see beauty in EVERY SINGLE PERSON I come in contact with. Always. I see it in the random man who rides his bike to mass every week who I once would have been terrified of, I see the beauty in his tattered clothing and in the way he receives communion from the priest. I see beauty in the mom who is clearly flustered with her screaming child in the store and praying no one is paying attention. There is beauty EVERYWHERE. EVERY SINGLE PLACE YOU LOOK. Find that beauty and try to embrace it!!

xoxo- Allie 


Thursday, May 22, 2014


My husband loves yoga, and I despise it for the most part. Don't get me wrong, yoga has so many amazing benefits (mind, body, and soul), but I struggle when it comes to flexibility. I also have trouble with not being a "pro" at things. If I lose once at anything, I will most likely not do it again. For example, I have played my brother in ping pong for the majority of our childhood and ...never. lost. once! Now, I have lost to him in a Nintendo game or two, and in those instances, I have been known to turn off the game system on "accident". I am such a poor sport!

As Alex and I approach our birthdays, I figure that I will set a half year New Year's Resolution. That resolution pertains to being a better sport and trying things that I may not be necessarily good at in the beginning. pain, no gain. I really think that the pain and agony coming from legit loses and new flexibility will be worth it.

Where does this rant come from? I started P90x3 this past Monday. I love it! Yesterday, I took on yoga. To be honest, I was not looking forward to the workout. On top of that, I knew Alex would come trotting in and "help" me with the moves. By "helping", I am referring to his critiques for each yoga pose. I will also admit that I appreciate his enthusiasm. I did my best not to get upset with him because he really was being sweet and trying to make me better. So, I bit down and yoga'ed for 30 minutes.

It feels good to do something out of my norm. I am totally going to stick with the yoga workouts because I figure I may surprise myself in 3 months. Maybe I will get really into yoga? Maybe not. It doesn't matter as long as I persevere through it all, I believe that will be a proud moment for me.

What about you? Is anyone into yoga? If so, any advice for a yoga beginner? Or does anyone really not like yoga too??


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Amazing Stirfry

This is by far my newest dinner obsession!! I have made it like 3 times the past week. It is so easy to do and you can use really any veggies that you like. Make it your own style! Enjoy! 


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Choosing Carbs Wisely & P90x3

Yup...I admit it... I have gone total carb crazy! Well, not too insane, but for me and my lack of self control, this is just no good.

A few ago, I went back to work since having Nicholas. The mornings were not what they used to be. I could saute or bake my veggies with plenty of time to multi-tasking. The problem is that I like my foods to be cold (like leftovers), so after cooking those veggies and proteins for an hour, I have to wait another hour while they sit in the freezer.  Yes, I know, I have the strangest eating habits!

For the past two weeks, I have been eating my yummy cereal before work. Oh, the plainness and crunch fill me up with joy. Truly, cardboard at its finest! Sweets just aren't appealing to me. Again...I'm so abnormal when it comes to food!

Lately, I have been into Ezekiel Flax and Barbara's Puffins ('s me...of course!). If I collect 15 bar codes from 15 Puffins cereal boxes, we can "adopt/name" a real live puffin!!!! It only seems right and fair that I keep buying and eating them. Humanitarium of the year! ;)

Anyway, add some tea with honey or lemon juice and water to drink, and my mornings are truly F-U-N! I am aware that I could have prepped my meals the night before or gotten up extra early to cook my breakfast, but food is not a big motivator for me. Fortunately/Unfortunately, how I look and feel are. Summer is only a month away!!

While I have been enjoying these carb-filled mornings, school is winding down. Newsflash: All my hard work and dedication this past fall/winter as going down the tubes fast, unless I jump back on the clean eating bandwagon. This past weekend, Alex and I discussed me enjoying carbs, but choosing them wisely. One of his friends is a fitness freak, but the guy splurges on a meal or two every so often.

Although I am having a good time now, these carbs aren't exactly fueling my body with the proper nutrition. It is time I put down my cereal boxes, and bring in more boxes of produce and canned vegetables! Stick to the outside isles at the grocery store, Jamie!!

So, here I go, fitness friends! I have started P90x3 this week. It is a 14 week program with 30 minute workouts! Yesterday's workout has my interest, and I hope the other workouts are more fast-paced, I really really realyyyyyyyy don't like yoga. Yoga = flexibility, and this body was not made to stretch, but for athletic ability, baby!


Counting down the days until summer... all I need to do is get my mind right when it comes to my carb choices--- I am coming after you, summer! Who is with me??


Monday, May 19, 2014

Find your level of normal....

I posted this yesterday on my personal blog and thought I would post it here for all the moms....enjoy!-Allie

I get asked almost weekly how I do it all? How I handle the pressures of raising 4 little boys? How I am a supermom? I really honestly feel like people think that we are perfect. That my house is spotless and we go through the day with no yelling and end the night singing kumbaya around a fire roasting marshmallows (organic if that is possible because we would never feed our kids junk, geesh) then we all tuck into bed and sleep a full nights sleep with no interruptions and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to take on a full day! Rinse, lather, repeat. Always perfect. 
That my friends never happens. 
I have learned through the years of our family changing that things will never be perfect. 
But if I change my way of thinking they can be PERFECT for us and we can have our own normal functioning level of happiness. 
Did I ever envision having 4 kids?? Heck no. I honestly thought maximum 2 but God had different plans for us. And each little man we added to the family involved a changing period. A whole new learning period comes with each child and you find your own new level of normalcy. It still gives me a little panic when I say we have 4 kids...a tad unreal still. 

Each night I lay my head down on the pillow. I wish I could fall asleep instantly but that never happens, I am either nursing our baby to sleep or battling the older ones to get back to their bedrooms. I lay there in the moments and do a run down of our day. Usually the negatives are what come into my mind first. 

I yelled too much at Vincent, will this make him hate me in future years.
I did not spend enough time with Luke at all today, will he remember?
What the heck did we eat for lunch? Crap.....did we skip lunch today!?
The kids didn't get a bath today....oh man it's been a few days! (Mom of the year)
I let them watch way too much cartoons today!
I should take the boys to the park but it's far too stressful.
I didn't read a book to them, crud I haven't sat and read a book to them in days.

All the negatives of the day come rushing in. Making me question what kind of a mother I am. I question all the time if the effects of the day will ruin my children for the future. I beat myself up mentally with worry when in reality what I should be focusing on is the good moments of the day. I am not sure why it is that we do this, beating ourselves up over moments that our kids may never even remember. 

Our nighttime thoughts change so insanely with each year that passes and with each number of kids. Before kids I would think of only happy thoughts, about the amazing mother I would be. I would think how easy motherhood would be, how my kids would never watch TV or eat sugar. I would think about how fun nighttime would be, bathing our kids, reading books and tucking them into their beds for a full nights slumber. How I would make the perfect meals and never miss a doctors appointment. How our house would be spotless and everything would be sanitized and clean for my sweet perfect children. 
After Vincent my thoughts started to loosen up, I started to lose the judgement that comes along with being a parent. So what if Vincent watched some cartoons today. So what that Vincent downed a Capri Sun, he is still functioning. Then with the addition of Luke, Jude and Sam I have lost any sense of judgement. It's a damn free for all over here. We rock out at our own pace and crazy lifestyle. We do exactly what works for us. Each day is something new. Some days are horribly boring, some days are full of frustrations (where I want to down an entire bottle of wine in my closet alone with an episode of Real Housewives) and some days are downright picture perfect (for a few hours), anything more than a few hours of perfectness must be broken by a child screaming or stomping is feet....((Jude I am talking to you!!))

I learned to redirect those negative thoughts at bedtime. Sure at times I do think about them. I do question who I am as a mother and a wife. But then I look at how far we have come. I choose to take a leap and focus on the happy moments of our days and weeks. I choose to laugh at the fact that my "me time" of a nightly shower is now taken over by at least 2-3 naked little men at my feet, all of us tripping over each other trying to get clean. I laugh at the fact that our kids 2-3 times a week make it outside on a bicycle butt naked. I laugh at the madness that we call life. I laugh at our new level of NORMAL.
I could choose to let the chaos beat my down. To cry over the fact that Jude destroys things every week. Literally every time I turn around he sneaks off and create a mess. He never ceases to amaze me. That Luke has chosen to use the words "I don't like you", I could take all the horrible messes and let them tear me down. I could let the boys countless screaming matches at each other and the pushing and wrestling that they do break me down but it's not worth it. I have to be strong. This is our life. God will never give us more than we can handle. Sure some days I want to scream "SERIOUSLY GOD....." and throw in the towel. I know we all have those moments. But those moments do not define us as mothers. That is normal. 

The chaos is normal.
When we try to control every single moment that is when we can get beat down. When we try to control the exact way our children act that is when it backfires. When we compare our children and families to other peoples lives it is NEVER a good idea. We are all different. What's normal for us is not normal for you and vice versa. We have to let go and let our children grow and our families live. We can not control it all. Worrying about these things only breaks us down. We are normal. The chaos is completely normal. Embrace the wild and rock it out. 

When you lay in bed push those negative thoughts away. Remember that you are a great mom regardless of what you fed your kids for lunch, how many stories you read to them, whether or not they are wearing pajamas to bed or still wearing the same outfit for days. They don't care, the only thing they go to bed knowing is that they are loved. That you are there for them. They are not keeping count.  The look and smile on their faces each morning proves that in their eyes I can do no wrong. I am their mom. Flawless in their minds and I need to give myself a break and so do you.

Just be their mom. They don't care if you are a Pinterest queen, a CEO of a million dollar company, a pizza delivery driver, a waitress, or an actress. All they care is that you love them. They aren't keeping track and neither should you.

Let's all kick to side any judgements and stop beating ourselves up over being a perfect mom. Stop focusing on other peoples lives and focus on your own family and children. Let's all be NORMAL moms. The moms that our kids already see us as! xoxo


Friday, May 16, 2014

Radiantly You Review- Samantha McCarty

Yesterday, I received a lovely package from Samantha McCarty. McCarty is a mother of four beautiful children under the age of five! (Sound familiar?) She is also an Independent Wellness Guide for Radiantly You.

Before receiving this package, I wanted to learn more about Samantha by checking out her biography on Radiantly You's website. I really appreciated her thoughts on keeping a toxic free and organic home. In her bio, McCarty states, "We are all called to take care of our bodies, our families and our environments to the best of our ability and I think this company will help us all achieve this goal.  For once, there is an organic company that TRULY is organic and best of all, can fit into most families budget."  After reading this, I could not wait for my package to arrive!

Radiantly You is a company that sells "all natural and organic products". The brand sells moisturizers, beauty butters, sugar scrubs, lip balms, facial wash, soaps, shampoos, herbal decongestant, toothpaste, baby balm/butter, and cleaning supplies.

McCarty sent me a package full of information about the products she sells, as well as, a few samples. This was such a treat! Nicholas and I opened up the package and read the enclosed card together. We both agree that McCarty must be as sweet as the Radiantly You products.

The samples that McCarty sent were the "Healing Calendula Balm" and "Lavendar Vanilla Scrub".

The Healing Calendula Balm smells very natural and feels soft on my skin. This balm smells like its natural ingredients--I can smell the coconut butter. In addition, this balm stays on well and gives your skin a glow.

This balm can be found in Radiantly You's "Health" section. Click here for more Health options and pricing.
The Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub feels very refreshing against your skin. It literally felt like I was getting a facial at a spa. After using it, my face felt rejuvenated. I really liked this product's smell and the feeling it gave my skin. This balm can be found in Radiantly You's "Beauty" section. Click here for more Beauty options and pricing.

Nick and I continued to flip through the Radiantly You catalog together. He read through the information and made sure to check out the "Baby" section. Overall, Radiantly You is right up our family's alley in terms of organic products supporting wellness and health. We are big advocates of organic products, and Radiantly You surely caterers to those needs.

 For Radiantly You's online catalog, click here. To get in touch with Samantha directly, you can click here.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ask us anything.....

I always find that I LOVE getting to know bloggers on a more personal level. 
I feel like sometimes just reading posts you don't get the FULL story on people. 
So now is your change to ASK any question for Jamie and I. 
Nothing is off limits. 
This can be on fitness, children, marriage, sister in law stuff, fashion, whatever you want to know!! 
So ASK AWAY and we will answer your questions next week!! 


Defining Beauty

Allie and I are big fans of the bravo television show, "Real Housewives". I have literally watched every episode, and my poor husband practically knows all the women by location, season, and name. Haha.

A few weeks ago, I found "The Real Housewives of Melbourne". I was so excited because this does not air in the United States, and I had seven episodes to watch! Baring with my excitement, Alex watched the first episode of the season with me. While the we got to know the women, he remarked how beauty/size really might have something to do with where we live. Another comment he had was about how the women in Melbourne were beautiful and a little meatier than the majority of Real Housewives in the U.S.

This was so interesting to me. My overall goal is to look good for Alex. There is a theory out there that Kyle Richards echoed during the "Secrets Revealed" episode in the most recent season..."We dress to look good for other women". This was another thought that really hit my core.

I love these two!

I began to research how "beauty" is defined throughout the world. For instance, some cultures in Uganda plump their women up to look like "fat cows" before and throughout marriage. Uganda women want to be called "fat cows" because cows are considered holy to them.

Jessica Simpson (I love her too!) traveled the world to figure out what is considered "beauty" throughout our planet. The show was called "The Price of Beauty". Jessica did this because of all the remarks about her weight fluctuations, and she wanted to make a statement with this show. I was really moved by the episodes. Below are a few. If you want more, just type in "Jessica Simpson The Price of Beauty" in YouTube. :)

The photo on the right is what really pushed Jessica to discover what is "beautiful".

Pretty interesting perspectives. What does "beauty" mean to you? What defines "beauty"???


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brownies made from the GOOD STUFF!

I did not want to say Paleo Brownies right off the bat and have you guys running for the hills.
I know sometimes when something is "paleo" some people may equate that to "tastes like butt"
It's actually the complete opposite, paleo is amazing, it is funny the stuff I cannot stand anymore that I used to love. I have found replacements for everything in my life! 

Anyways I ran across these brownies last week and had to make them RIGHT THEN!
So I ran out to the store and stocked up on a few items I did not have on hand. 

First off let's take a peek at the end result, the amazing chocolaty goodness. 
No way those can be healthy, right!???
Well my dear friends they are and they are divine.

Here is what you will need. 
You will die over HOW EASY and little you need.
4 eggs
1 cup cocoa powder
3/4 cup pure honey
3 TBS coconut oil
2 tsp vanilla (i skipped bc I was out)
pinch of salt

I know, you are wondering....where is the flour?, what the heck is going on.
No flour here honey!

Melt the coconut oil and mix everything together, I did not even use my mixer, I just hand mixed it all, it was so easy. Pour it into a pan, I chose a 10 inch pie pan but a 9x9 or 8x8 would work! 
((Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes, mine was done quick so I would check it around 20 minutes!))

While its baking make the frosting, which is so freaking easy as well. The only downside is you have to let it chill for awhile before you whip it. 
Here is what you need: 
1 cup dark chocolate chips
1/3 cup coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla (which I skipped)
Melt the two over low heat in a saucepan. 
Once melted place in a dish in the fridge for half hour, you could put it in the freezer to speed that crap up a little. After that whip it in your mixer on high until somewhat fluffy.
((it tastes like fudge, no joke!)
After its done baking let them cool, cut your brownies and place on a plate and frost them! 
Jordan kept eating the ones I was taking pictures of haha! 
They are super rich flavored and over the top chocolaty! 

Thank me later.
PS Who ever said paleo was boring? haha