Friday, May 2, 2014

What happened to the Food Pyramid?!

Nick has begun the process of eating purees. I keep telling him, "You are such a big boy now!" (use your best annoying mommy voice.)

As his mom (and #1 fan), I want to be as educated as I can when it comes to the foods we serve him. This lead me to the classic American "Food Pyramid"....wait...what happened?!

As I look back at this "old" pyramid, and I can't believe we were told to eat more grains than fruits and vegetables! In addition, if you check out the fats at the top of the "old" food pyramid, there are "fats and oils" that we are told to use sparingly. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!? I know what the word, "sparingly", means, but what's with the cookies, chips, mayo, and candy?? Those are simple sugars that have shown to give little nutrition to our bodies. They are fun to eat, but their strength is short-lived.

For instance, Alex and I use plenty of coconut oil when cooking meals. Alex also eats his fair share of cookies, ice cream, and fast foods. My husband is far from looking "fat". So, what gives? What about that guy who ate Hostesses and lost weight? Or the other man who ate McDonalds for every meal and lost weight too??

I also thought dairy was not supposed to be a big part of our diets (nutrition fad perhaps??), yet I just watched one of my favorite fitness guru's sprinkle goat milk feta all over her sweet and salty salad?!

The only conclusion I am come up with is that we are still understanding human bodies and the foods we put in them. Seriously, don't even get me started on how fitness advice has been all over the place in the past decades. We are told to run for hours, do aerobics, mix in cardio and weight lifting, use our own body weight, only work out for a certain amount of time. I'm sorry, but what about cartisol and how can I even compare my body to someone else's when we all come in different shapes and sizes. Yet, we are getting told to eat this or that am look like...VOILA!

Pretty much, do what is right for YOU. Allie and I won't look like you, Jillian Micheals, or any other woman that we fantasize to be like. So, for me, I am only going to focus on myself. I've all I've got...besides my adorable boys. When it comes to me, I have to learn from and do research on my own body's functions and necessities.

This is a life commitment. Check out the foods you're eating and also what you give to the dear people around you. Consider how do they make you feel? How do they make you look?

For me, veggies and lean proteins are my go-to snacks, besides whatever Nicholas decides to spray, spew, sneeze, or wipe on me each day. Now, I understand why mothers always have difficulty finding "clean" clothes to wear!!


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