Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Calorie Counting

I have been reading up about counting calories because of the fitness apps you can get on your phone. I did try MyFitnessPal, but I pretty much eat the same foods every day, so my calorie count is always predictable.

Recently, I read about how not all calories are created equal. One researcher, Dr. Mencola states, "In short, you do not get fat because you eat too many calories and don't exercise enough. You get fat because you eat the wrong kind of calorie." The link to his article can be found here

To me, this reminds us that calories actually don't matter, but the foods we choose as fuel for our bodies. Of course, I could marl down some yummy Hostess treats or substitute those for carrot sticks and apple slices. The treats may satisfy me in those split seconds, but they do not benefit my body in the long or short run. 

This video is pretty amateur, but short enough to get the point I'm trying to make across: Calorie Counting Doesn't Matter

Have any of you found success with counting calories? I am actually very interested in those of you who have stuck with the calorie counting overtime. 



  1. I actually love calorie counting :) Anytime I need to lose weight or think I'm getting a little heavy this is my go-to. It just helps with portion control I think. There definitely are different kinds of calories but if you have a general consensus of what you're eating and mindfully stick to good calories it helps balance me throughout the day and then I purposely won't eat as much etc b/c I know I have to enter it, or I'll work out a little longer or harder because I know I get to enter it. I also definitely will squeeze in a cookie but I will eat 1 instead of 2 and only if it fits into my calories for the day. I also make my calorie counter public with my friends (My Fitness Pal) so we can see each others meals etc... I think it all just leads back to the accountability factor.

    1. Oops, I forgot to "sign in" ;)

    2. Hi Lisa! You are the one who actually motivated me to try MyFitnessPal. I am so happy that it works for you, and you are getting others to benefit from it, as well. By the way, it is clearly doing your body good-- you look amazing!!

      Maybe I will give it another shot, but, right now, I feel my personality is a little bit too competitive when it comes to calorie counting. When I had the app, I was checking MyFitnessPal all the time, and it wasn't making me feel good about myself. I am all about your "mindful eating" thoughts. Doing what is best for you and exuding self-control will undoubtedly help people be successful mentally, physically, and emotionally.

      Thanks for your wonderful thoughts! -Jamie