Thursday, May 22, 2014


My husband loves yoga, and I despise it for the most part. Don't get me wrong, yoga has so many amazing benefits (mind, body, and soul), but I struggle when it comes to flexibility. I also have trouble with not being a "pro" at things. If I lose once at anything, I will most likely not do it again. For example, I have played my brother in ping pong for the majority of our childhood and ...never. lost. once! Now, I have lost to him in a Nintendo game or two, and in those instances, I have been known to turn off the game system on "accident". I am such a poor sport!

As Alex and I approach our birthdays, I figure that I will set a half year New Year's Resolution. That resolution pertains to being a better sport and trying things that I may not be necessarily good at in the beginning. pain, no gain. I really think that the pain and agony coming from legit loses and new flexibility will be worth it.

Where does this rant come from? I started P90x3 this past Monday. I love it! Yesterday, I took on yoga. To be honest, I was not looking forward to the workout. On top of that, I knew Alex would come trotting in and "help" me with the moves. By "helping", I am referring to his critiques for each yoga pose. I will also admit that I appreciate his enthusiasm. I did my best not to get upset with him because he really was being sweet and trying to make me better. So, I bit down and yoga'ed for 30 minutes.

It feels good to do something out of my norm. I am totally going to stick with the yoga workouts because I figure I may surprise myself in 3 months. Maybe I will get really into yoga? Maybe not. It doesn't matter as long as I persevere through it all, I believe that will be a proud moment for me.

What about you? Is anyone into yoga? If so, any advice for a yoga beginner? Or does anyone really not like yoga too??


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