Monday, March 31, 2014

T25 Call Out- Our First Challenge!!

Hey ladies! Allie and I have heard and read your comments about what workout program to do next, and we have selected BeachBody's T25!

I (Jamie) completed this workout program before taking on the 30 Day Real Time BodyRock Challenge with Allie. T25 was a great way to get back into shape after taking off those initial six weeks after delivery. Shaun T pretty much created T25 from his Insanity workout program. T25 is a little bit different because you have to complete the moves in less time (25 minutes), but also at a faster pace.

There are three rounds of workouts: Alpha (Beginner- 5 weeks), Beta (Intermediate- 5 weeks), and Gamma (Final Cycle- 4 weeks). You will only be working out 5 days a week for approximately 25 minutes each workout.

The Breakdown:

Alpha simply builds a foundation for the workouts. I highly recommend starting with Alpha if you are just starting to get in shape.

The Beta cycle allows you to use weights, a resistance band or pull up bar. Personally, I liked this cycle much better than Alpha, but Alpha did a great job building my fitness foundation up again. :)

Lastly, the Gamma cycle is a bonus and only four weeks. This cycle contains the most advanced workouts in the entire program (obviously). For these workouts, Shaun T uses weights, resistance rope or a pull-up bar with the exercises too. T25 does not come with this DVD, so you will have to pay extra for these final workout routines.

Where Do You Start?

Allie and I are super excited for BeachBody's 21 Day Fix, but we are aware that the workout DVD's are on back-order, so we are using T25 as a time filler. Therefore, it is up to you to choose which workout cycle best prepares you for the 21 Day Fix that we will all be completing together.
Allie is completing T25's Beta cycle because the 30 Day challenge has gotten her body in shape for these workouts.

I (Jamie) did not complete the Gamma cycle last time because I started the 30 Day Challenge with Allie. So, I will be doing the Gamma cycle. This is a nine week program, instead of ten. Therefore, I will supplement that last week with BodyRock's 12 minute workouts until Allie's and the Alpha groups are done.


Select a cycle (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) that is best for you at your current level of fitness. This challenge is meant to prepare you for the the 21 Day Fix by BeachBody . Check out YouTube to see a few samples of each cycle to get a better idea about your fitness level.

Active Rest Days (Saturday/Sunday):
I will be doing is working out on Saturday, as well. You do not have to do this, but, in the past, I picked either a BodyRock 12 minute challenge, yoga routines or one of the T25 Beta or Gamma workouts. Again, this is just me. The program only requires you to exercise five days out of the week to see solid results.If you take those two days off, just be sure to make them "active rest days". Go for a walk, bike ride, jump some rope...get your heart rate up throughout the day.


Friday, March 28, 2014

2 Week Check-in: BodyRock 30 Day Real Time Challenge (First 2 Weeks)

Jamie’s Bodyrock 30 Day Real Time Diary
We are almost at the two week mark, and I am LOVING the workouts. I am not a big fan of the jump roping/10 second rests in between the actual exercises, but I LOVE feeling that burn! Below is a diary that I have been keeping each day. As you can see, I started off with a lot to say, but figured you'd just want me to tell you what's up in as few words as possible. :)

Week 1:
Day 1 (3/17/14 ~ our lucky day!):
This was so much fun! I actually like how the exercises continued to change and keep my mind occupied (I tend to get bored easily-- especially, when I do not feel the burn!). T25 has prepared me well for this new workout program.

I love the side abs burn!! That was by far the best workout. I did not use the jump rope much because I felt like it was holding me back from getting a “good” workout. So, I jumped in place, and this kept me going. I hope to practice with the jump rope more on my own time, and I will include this in the workouts.

My arms need work! I felt them getting tired, but they also did not feel as strong as I would like. I will need to focus on this. I would also like to sweat more! I kept up with Lisa’s pace, but I realized halfway through that I can push myself more. Props to Lisa for talking me the whole way through. She was pretty motivational.

After day one, all I can say is “look good- feel good!”

Day 2:
WOOHOO! That was such a blast! We were going the entire time, and Lisa was very motivating! I was sticking with her the entire time and loving it!! All the killer exercises were included (mountain climbers, plank, burpees). LOVE LOVE LOVEEE! I did not like the breaks so much today- so I only allowed 5 second rests before jumping rope. Ahhhh - can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout! Today was much more fun than yesterday!

Day 3:
I really enjoyed the exercises today, but it was too long of a workout. The jumping rope does get tedious. Plus, I really don’t like the 10 second and minute breaks. I just keep jumping or do the exercise for that time. Don’t get me wrong, the workout program is still fun. Lisa is still keeping up her motivational pace. Another issue I have is not feeling as sore as I would like. I will blame myself because I should just push harder!

Day 4:
That’s what I call a workout! I was huffing and puffing while trying my best to keep up with Lisa! I loved being able to use my equalizers and kettle bell too. Great workouts! I feel great! Those endorphins are flowing, and I went on a cleaning spree. Woo hoo!

Day 5:
That’s what I’m talking about, baby! Today was all about ABS!! I love feeling the burn in all the right places. ;) Today’s workout was a little bit shorter than the other ones, so double bonus. I feel really good after that workout. There is one move in particular that was challenging, and it is where one leg goes on the equalizer during a side plank. In this position, your lower knee (below equalizer bends into the opposite (top) elbow. I was showing Alex this move, and he told me to “man up!” It was hard, but once I got the hang of it, I was having a blast conquering it!

Day 6:
Allie and I aren’t sure if we did the “Real Time 30 Day Challenge’s” day 6, but we substituted with one of the BodyRock workouts. Lisa said that the weekend is for “active rest days”, but I conquered this workout full-throttle. It really doesn’t matter how long you workout, as long as, you are giving the workout your all!

Day 7:
Well, my butt felt this one! Lisa literally kicked my butt. I was feeling some major burn in those glutes. This was another fun-filled workout, even if it was completed on a Sunday. ;)

Week 2:
Day 8 (3/24/14):
My arms are really feeling the most burn from this workout. I was loving the plank-burpee-tuck jump sequence. That always makes you feel like a champ! Besides that, I was happy to incorporate my equalizers again! Feeling good!

Day 9:
This was an unexpected quick workout. I always appreciate the burpee + push-up + tuck jump exercises, but I am weaker than I’d like to be with the arm exercises. I got to use my kettlebell quite a bit today as a substitute for the weighted pink bag. It just makes less noise for me. Tomorrow is going to be a long workout! I am checking it out now, and I know it will be worth all the time and effort! :)

Day 10:
Today was a short workout (only 30 minutes) that was really all about the arms. I liked the shorter amount of time, but I still struggle with the lag of waiting between exercises..10 seconds can be longer than you may think!

Day 11:
LONG workout! Baby boy could barely make it through it, but Alex kept him occupied for as long as he could. Nick is under the weather...maybe due to the changes in weather, pressure, and his four month vaccinations. Poor guy. :( Anyway, loved the burpee-tuck jumps again! I also love incorporating my kettle bell exercises when I don't have the right equipment for certain moves.
Still working on and looking for my bum! Even Alex was wondering where it is the other day!

Allie's review! 
Alrighty guys, let's see! I am very happy to be done with day 11! Whew!!! I must say this workout is not ideal for beginners, I worked out 30 minutes a day for a week and a half before this and man this is intense. It is nonstop for 45 minutes to an hour! I do enjoy the workout but it is way too long for me. With 4 kids this is VERY hard to fit into my day. I get interrupted a lot, so it is hard for me to complete at once.
 I also always have "helpers" working out with me.... 
Here is the scene of how I work out, I get the boys snacks and let them watch a cartoon while I work out in the same room......
I have to modify a lot of the moves, like the killer push ups, I trade those for knee push ups! You run in place for 30 seconds then rest for 10 then do another activity for 30 seconds the entire time. I switch out at times for doing bicycles instead of the running in place especially if we had just done squats for 30 seconds. I am noticing a lot of changes in my body which is great but like I said it is a pain in the butt to fit this in! Jamie said I could switch but I wanted to complete this so I could give an honest review!! If it was a 30 minute a day workout I would love it so much!!! But you better believe I am sticking this out!! My arms are definitely more toned and I am losing inches from my waist!! It is going to take a while for me to get my stomach toned but I know one day I will get there!! 18 more workouts to go!! WOO!!

PS I did not get any of the equipment, I use the stairs for a lot and also couches in the living room and for weights, I use 2 3lb hand weights which is perfect since I am still a beginner!! So you do not need all the equipment, improvise and get creative!!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Guilt Free Ice Cream....

Do not even get me started on ice cream. 
In high school and through college I(Allie) worked at an ice cream shop.
We came up with the world's best ice cream creations with all the toppings we had on hand.
What I wouldn't do to work there again and eat that goodness. YUM!
But nowadays my latest ice cream obsession is Ben & Jerrys (Late Night Snack flavor) 
and Talenti gelato (Mediterranean Mint)! 
Just thinking about those two gets my belly hungry.

BUT I have to be realistic, I can't eat those all the time. This journey is about finding ways to create the things I like with healthier ingredients. So when my friend Abbi posted about some healthy "ice cream" she made I had to try it. I must say it is AMAZING and actually fills my ice cream fantasies, I tried out some different options and all were so yummy!
I introduce you to....
The base of the "ice cream" is made from frozen bananas. Slice the bananas and freeze them.
I was a tad skeptical at first too but just go with it! 
I tried a few different flavors....
This dark chocolate almond butter is no joke. I might eat spoonfuls when craving chocolate.
Along with this gem....
 This is a healthier version of nutella! Very tasty! 
Then obviously I had to try strawberry. YUMMM!!

After the bananas are frozen, add them to a food processor. 
Also add some milk-almond, regular or coconut, whatever you fancy! 
Mix up until the consistency of soft serve. 
Yes, it is honestly like real ice cream shop soft serve texture.
 I really like using the almond butter and chocolate hazlenut! 
But I must say the strawberry was my favorite. I then topped with some Ghirardelli chocolate chips.
Holy heaven it was fabulous, totally kicked any ice cream craving away.
I am also going to try it with different berries, like blueberries and raspberries. 
So get creative, and mix away.
By the way my kids LOVE this and my husband was also a HUGE fan!!

Recipe (because I am scatterbrained when I write food posts!!)
*2-3 bananas sliced (frozen)
*Your choice of mix-in
Chocolate Almond Butter
Chocolate Hazlenut Spread
*Milk; almond, coconut or regular 

Mix all in a food processor. It is REALLY up to you how much of each you add. It all depends on the consistency and taste you want to achieve. So add until you are happy!

Enjoy! PS Tag us or message us when you try it!! 


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pumpkin Bites- Our Go-to Snack

We love this pumpkin bites recipe. It is such an easy snack and can help you make it through those snacking phases of your day. Kids also love these!! Please be aware that we make these bites based on our own satisfied tastes. You may want to add or lessen any of these ingredients due to your own taste buds. :)

Pumpkin Bites Ingredients:
1 Can of Pumpkin
1 TBS Vanilla
1 TBS Pumpkin Spice
5 TBS Cinnamon
For all you with sweet tooths- We add in Stevia or Truvia until the bites taste good. :)
Dark Chocolate Chips
Line a baking sheet or plate with parchment paper.Mix everything in a bowl, add less or more of each ingredient. Grab cookie-like sized pieces and place them onto on a cooking sheet with parchment paper. Using a tablespoon helps make it a tad easier. 
(You can mix in dark chocolate chips or place one or two onto each bite)

 Freeze these bites on the pan for 30ish minutes depending on your freezer.
Taste test as needed, otherwise, store as snacks in the freezer to munch on throughout your day!
 Enjoy these tasty treats! 
Check back tomorrow for another snack, healthy ice cream!!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pinning & Winning

With 100% honesty, I LOVE PINTEREST! I do I do I doooo! There were two articles on recently about moms who pin vs. mom's who don't. I totally fall into the Pinterest mom category, but I can also relate to those moms that don't choose to pin too.

Christina Brockett is the author of "I'm not a Pinterest Mom --- and Learning to Be OK with That". Brockett states, "But I've come to learn that perfect pictures don't tell the complete story." I will admit to many "Pinterest fails" of my own, but I still keep you see where I am going with this??

There are far too many "perfect pins, models, crafts, and photographs" that we tend to compare our own abilities and selves to. Guess what, we all like to share pictures that make us look our best and flattering. There is no way that I want to post a picture that makes me look ridiculous  nor do I want anyone to see any of my "Pinterest fails".

If anything, I have learned to persevere with my workout habits and Pinterest obsession because one day I will find a new line of muscle definition or the most amazing pin that I can whip up to perfection. I am winning and pinning all at the same time! It might have been a battle to get that toned muscle or create a work of art, but I persisted and did it! You can too!

Below are a few of my Pinterest "wins". Of course, I don't have pictures of my failures (why on Earth would I do that?!), but these gems  I found online are always hilarious to scroll through. ;)

Where we met, wed, and lived together.

"Love is Art"

Alex's notes to me before our wedding day.

Classic make-up bowl.

On the left is one that Alex and I put together (3-D like), and the one on the right is an Etsy find created for our first anniversary.

Keep on pinning and winning, my friends! Allie and I will be writing about options for healthy recipes soon. 
You rock!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Be Realistic

Making a lifestyle change like this to eat healthy and start working out doesn't just happen at the snap of your fingers, I really think the key to it all is being realistic.

We all have a certain celebrity or friend that we may think has the ideal body.
For me (Allie) personally I really love Jillian Micheals body
I think she has the perfect mixture of tone and still has curves like a woman.
But let's be real here. Will I magically have her body after just working out for a 30 day cycle?
Jillian and I are completely different. She has been working out for years and years.
I have been working out for going on 3 weeks.
I have had 4 babies stretch out my stomach whereas Jillian has not yet had a baby.
She does fitness for her full time job, I chase children as my full time job.
She is a professional, I am not.
So therefore how can I beat myself up over not looking like her.
I can't, and neither should you.

This whole journey is about being realistic with what works for you, not anyone else.
Your friends may find it easy to eat salads every meal, the thought of salads might make you gag.
Your friends may be able to go without ice cream, but you can't ever imagine that.
Your friends may be able to workout for an hour straight while you are dying after 10 minutes in.
This journey is about making it work for you and your life, not anyone else.

So jot down your goals, and be realistic.
No one looked like Jillian Micheals over night.
I will get there, one day :::I hope::: and along the way I will enjoy the ride.
(with ice cream and starbucks still being allowed in my diet)
If working out makes you miserable stop and think about what part is making you miserable.
Do you hate running? Well then take that out of your workout, no one said you had to run. Try walking.
Do you hate jumping rope? Do jumping jacks instead.
Are the pushups too hard for you? Do them from your knees.
You can't lift 20 lbs? Start with 5 and work your way up.
You don't want to give up chocolate? You don't have to, eat as clean as you can in all other aspects!
Do not beat yourself up, progress is progress even if it is just baby steps! 

Jamie and I are not the same type of person as far as fitness goes and that is fine, we both can still support each other the whole way. You don't have to do everything just like your friends because how boring would that be. You guys would probably not like us as much if we were exactly the same on every single level (like our husbands hahaha) But in all seriousness this journey is about you and making the choices that fit your lifestyle while STILL supporting others who have different choices on their definition of healthy.

To add onto Allie's thoughts, I have gotten caught up in the celebrity hype from time to time. All of the "who is wearing what...she lost this much weight..." blah blah blah... We all see it every day. This information is right at our fingertips waiting to be read. How does this make our lives better? Perhaps some of these photos and stories are inspirational, but many of them just cannot be realistic.

Workout and eat right for YOU! YOU look at yourself in the mirror every day...YOU have to carry your own body weight around. Are you a number on a scale?? Nope! That number is not publicized for all to see (unless you blast it out there yourself). On the other hand, be your own personal billboard of self confidence, love, and motivation. At the end of this life, you should be able to say you gave it all you had because YOU are worth it!
Jamie is ROCKING her abs!! We send pics to each other a lot and really encourage eachother, I cannot wait to take the after pics at Easter!!! 

What are your struggles and how can we help you!? 


Friday, March 21, 2014

Body Shots! No...not those!!

Allie's Body Shots
I wish these tasted and looked as good as a lemon drop right now!! haha! I must say first I don't hate my body but I do want to get toned up, after 5 years of being pregnant I am excited to have my body back to myself! My weight has been like a yo-yo the whole time and I always manage to drop back but this time I want to tone it all up and be excited about my body and not have to hide behind flowy tops or dresses. My husband has an amazing body and I want to keep up with him! Plus to keep up with these kids I need energy and stamina! 
Alright not so bad from the front, I know! I am clearly not a disaster. But lets get to my problem areas, you may not agree with me but these are the areas that bother me daily.
Obviously my stomach still has a good amount of chub on it, if I can squeeze it I want that gone!! 
My biggest problem area is here, my love handles, I hate when they hang over pants it drives me bonkers and jiggles when I run, not cool. 

I am still loosing weight from pregnancy, last month my weight loss completely stalled out about 15 lbs (135) above my normal weight. It was really obnoxious so that is when I decided to get serious about eating cleaner and cutting the bull crap excuses. If I want to be healthy, I have to take the steps to do it. 
I hated working out before mainly because in college cheerleading my coach made me dispise the whole concept of working out. Us girls had to workout to be small enough for the boys to lift us which meant weekly weigh ins. AWESOME. Not! Talk about a way to start having weight issues, the funny thing is it just pissed me off more than anything! So for that reason I have hated working out so that is why the past 5 years I have barely worked out. Once my clothes fit again after pregnancy that was enough, then I would go back to eating not so great! But this time I am ready. I have been working out for 2 weeks straight 30-50 minutes a day and I cannot even tell you the changes that are being made. This week we started Body Rock's Challenge and man it's kicking my butt!! I am proud to say in the past month I have dropped an excess of 10 pregnancy pounds. I have 5 to go and I know I will get there if not lower by this new working out gig. My body hurts like hell but I still look forward to working out each day!! I am so excited for us to take pictures again in 30 days. If I can do this, anyone can!!! 

Jamie's Body Shots:
What I love about my body: Well, this is always a tough way to start, but we need to love ourselves first and foremost! I love that I have an athletic body type. I am not sure if I can thank genetics or all the years I played sports, but I like what I have been given to work with every day.

My Goals for Fitness: 
1. Tone up my thighs and shoulders. I want those defining lines!
2. Put some more *pop* into my derriere! :)
3. Continue to work on my abdominal muscles and look good for my hubby. ;)

My Goals for Nutrition:
1. Veggies, veggies, veggies!!
2.  Water, water, water!!
3. Become more educated on the nutrition I put into my body.

Workout Programs I have Completed:
BodyRock 12 minute workouts
BeachBody T25
BeachBody TurboFire
BeachBody Insanity (Twice)
Prep work for a Marathon Run
*I will be reviewing each program throughout our blogging venture. :)

Personal Improvements (Mind, Body, Soul):
1. Get rid of the scale! This just doesn't work for me.
2. Focus more on how workouts and nutrition make me feel physically and mentally.
3. Use these workouts to kick start my day with positivity!

Yes, we are complete losers.....haha


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Real Healthwives Dirt....

Jamie's side of the story

Let’s be clear...Allie and I did not start off on the right...or left foot for that matter. I met Allie after Alex and I were engaged. She was stuck with me from the beginning and the same went for me. The day I met Allie’s husband and Alex’s twin, Jordan, he ran up to me screaming how excited he was to have a new sister. I literally remember him darting up to me, squeezing me tightly, and all I could do was let a quick breath out after all the chaos!

What a great way to meet Alex’s twin! Jordan is enthusiastic, hilarious, and a devoted father. As we went into the backyard, I met all of Alex’s relatives (there are so many!!) and….*dun dun dunnnn* Allie. Going into this party, I didn’t really have any expectations for the relationship Allie and I were to have as sister-in-law’s. Little did I know, it would take us about a year and half to work through the confusion and bumps in our relationship.
    From our initial meet and greet, it was obvious that Allie was down-to-earth, sweet, and a loving mom. I was an energetic, friendly, and sarcastic (in the nicest way possible- haha-)  woman of the working world and many of my friends weren't married or had children. Therefore, being around a woman who was already married with three babies was a completely new perspective for me. The first conversation I had with Allie was about when Alex and I were going to start a family. All of our conversations seemed to be about children from that point on because Allie and I struggled to find a common ground of interests. I didn't understand her at all!

    I discussed the issues I was having with Allie to my husband. Alex explained how he views Allie as his own sister, and I needed to take control of the situation to become friends with her.  For starters, I did not like being told what to do nor did I appreciate how quick Alex was to defend a woman I barely knew! Putting all that aside, I wrote Allie an email after Easter in 2013. In the email, I let Allie know that I wanted a friendship with her, and I was hoping we could work on that for the sake of our families.  Allie agreed, and we had a somewhat cordial relationship after that. (Just to be clear, Allie and I never fought physically or verbally. Our silence was enough to feel the tension between us.)

Allie and I were both pregnant the summer of 2013. We texted randomly to check in, but still, we lacked a true friendship. After our boys were born this fall/winter (2013), Allie and I broke through our barriers somehow! Perhaps my new role as a mother allowed me to understand Allie and want to learn from her lessons as a mother of four. As I got to know Allie better, I also grew closer to her as a friend. Now, we text throughout the entire day and call each other at least every other day. I could not imagine my life without this wonderful friend, sister-in-law, and confidant. Somehow, I have a best friend in the person I never expected to even care for from the beginning!

Moral of our story… I learned to place less judgement on others and simply focus more on my own personal improvements (from fitness, nutrition, friendships, family, and so on). Thus, The Real Healthwives is meant to help all of us dig deep within themselves to love and succeed in life! We hope you enjoy this journey as mothers, sisters, wives, friends, and people with us!
PS. Special shout out to our baby boy, Nick, who turns FOUR months old tomorrow!! Ahh!! xoxo

Allie's side of the story....

Never in a million years did I expect Jamie and I to be co-writing a blog together. Never ever did I expect us to be texting daily, as real friends, not the fake crap

We definitely had a rocky start. I really can't even pinpoint what was the first tipping point for us. We just did not click. You would think that since we fell in love with the same looking man we would have a lot in common. Our husbands not only look alike but act exact so it’s obvious Jamie and I have similar taste. But man, something was just off with Jamie and I. 

We didn't really get a chance to start a relationship because we were never together. The only time we saw each other was family events, and family events are anything but intimate in this large family. And to be honest I did not look forward to family events because of the awkwardness. We had no relationship but I think we both wanted to get along and couldn't really understand why we weren't getting along so we both let the assumptions start flying. Obviously I was always second guessing, “Why doesn't she like me?”, “What did I ever do?”, “This makes no sense”. There was just an awkwardness. An awkwardness because we didn't have a foundation. We had nothing to grow from and add to. We were married to twins who are best friends, how are we not getting along?!? It was insanely frustrating. Add to that frustration that we were both pregnant and hormonal around the same time. Jamie on her first babe and I on my fourth. Pregnant sister in laws. OYE!

We honestly just both kind of took a step back during pregnancy and just made small talk when we were together. I did not want to be that obnoxious know it all sister in law so I kept to myself and tried to only offer advice ONLY when asked. I was honestly terrified that this would end badly, I was nervous about Jamie and I never getting along and our kids (who would be a month apart) never seeing each other because Jamie and I couldn't get over ourselves. It really sounds worse than what I was imagining but I was just treading lightly with Jamie. I did not want to over step any boundaries. When Nicholas came into the world, we finally had something to connect over, motherhood. Slowly but surely through our babies recent births we have confided in each other over the sleepless nights, the leaky boobs and the craziness of it all. 
Jamie was there through a very rough post partum patch for me(story on that hellish journey to come next week) and I really would be lost without her. We got to see each other through very trying times when our true colors were finally showing. It is just a complete whirlwind and change, but I am so grateful.We have found that we are much more in common than we ever wanted to believe. I feel like such an ass for the past year assuming that I knew her because I had no idea. I had no idea about anything because we did not take the time to get to know each other in the first place. We let our assumptions run wild and make the decisions for us. 

There is one upside to us not getting along for the past year, we are both brutally honest about everything. We are well aware of our past assumptions and I think that makes us even better friends, there is no room for BS. It’s a pretty fabulous relationship, if I do say so myself! I am so excited for the future having an amazing sister in law and partner in crime. PS Our little men are already best buds. 4 LIFE.
Moral of the story: Try not to judge, I know it's so hard but sometimes you don't know the whole story and can miss out on a great friend! 

Have you ever had a similar relationship? Or every judged someone before getting to know them??