Monday, March 31, 2014

T25 Call Out- Our First Challenge!!

Hey ladies! Allie and I have heard and read your comments about what workout program to do next, and we have selected BeachBody's T25!

I (Jamie) completed this workout program before taking on the 30 Day Real Time BodyRock Challenge with Allie. T25 was a great way to get back into shape after taking off those initial six weeks after delivery. Shaun T pretty much created T25 from his Insanity workout program. T25 is a little bit different because you have to complete the moves in less time (25 minutes), but also at a faster pace.

There are three rounds of workouts: Alpha (Beginner- 5 weeks), Beta (Intermediate- 5 weeks), and Gamma (Final Cycle- 4 weeks). You will only be working out 5 days a week for approximately 25 minutes each workout.

The Breakdown:

Alpha simply builds a foundation for the workouts. I highly recommend starting with Alpha if you are just starting to get in shape.

The Beta cycle allows you to use weights, a resistance band or pull up bar. Personally, I liked this cycle much better than Alpha, but Alpha did a great job building my fitness foundation up again. :)

Lastly, the Gamma cycle is a bonus and only four weeks. This cycle contains the most advanced workouts in the entire program (obviously). For these workouts, Shaun T uses weights, resistance rope or a pull-up bar with the exercises too. T25 does not come with this DVD, so you will have to pay extra for these final workout routines.

Where Do You Start?

Allie and I are super excited for BeachBody's 21 Day Fix, but we are aware that the workout DVD's are on back-order, so we are using T25 as a time filler. Therefore, it is up to you to choose which workout cycle best prepares you for the 21 Day Fix that we will all be completing together.
Allie is completing T25's Beta cycle because the 30 Day challenge has gotten her body in shape for these workouts.

I (Jamie) did not complete the Gamma cycle last time because I started the 30 Day Challenge with Allie. So, I will be doing the Gamma cycle. This is a nine week program, instead of ten. Therefore, I will supplement that last week with BodyRock's 12 minute workouts until Allie's and the Alpha groups are done.


Select a cycle (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) that is best for you at your current level of fitness. This challenge is meant to prepare you for the the 21 Day Fix by BeachBody . Check out YouTube to see a few samples of each cycle to get a better idea about your fitness level.

Active Rest Days (Saturday/Sunday):
I will be doing is working out on Saturday, as well. You do not have to do this, but, in the past, I picked either a BodyRock 12 minute challenge, yoga routines or one of the T25 Beta or Gamma workouts. Again, this is just me. The program only requires you to exercise five days out of the week to see solid results.If you take those two days off, just be sure to make them "active rest days". Go for a walk, bike ride, jump some rope...get your heart rate up throughout the day.


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