Thursday, March 27, 2014

Guilt Free Ice Cream....

Do not even get me started on ice cream. 
In high school and through college I(Allie) worked at an ice cream shop.
We came up with the world's best ice cream creations with all the toppings we had on hand.
What I wouldn't do to work there again and eat that goodness. YUM!
But nowadays my latest ice cream obsession is Ben & Jerrys (Late Night Snack flavor) 
and Talenti gelato (Mediterranean Mint)! 
Just thinking about those two gets my belly hungry.

BUT I have to be realistic, I can't eat those all the time. This journey is about finding ways to create the things I like with healthier ingredients. So when my friend Abbi posted about some healthy "ice cream" she made I had to try it. I must say it is AMAZING and actually fills my ice cream fantasies, I tried out some different options and all were so yummy!
I introduce you to....
The base of the "ice cream" is made from frozen bananas. Slice the bananas and freeze them.
I was a tad skeptical at first too but just go with it! 
I tried a few different flavors....
This dark chocolate almond butter is no joke. I might eat spoonfuls when craving chocolate.
Along with this gem....
 This is a healthier version of nutella! Very tasty! 
Then obviously I had to try strawberry. YUMMM!!

After the bananas are frozen, add them to a food processor. 
Also add some milk-almond, regular or coconut, whatever you fancy! 
Mix up until the consistency of soft serve. 
Yes, it is honestly like real ice cream shop soft serve texture.
 I really like using the almond butter and chocolate hazlenut! 
But I must say the strawberry was my favorite. I then topped with some Ghirardelli chocolate chips.
Holy heaven it was fabulous, totally kicked any ice cream craving away.
I am also going to try it with different berries, like blueberries and raspberries. 
So get creative, and mix away.
By the way my kids LOVE this and my husband was also a HUGE fan!!

Recipe (because I am scatterbrained when I write food posts!!)
*2-3 bananas sliced (frozen)
*Your choice of mix-in
Chocolate Almond Butter
Chocolate Hazlenut Spread
*Milk; almond, coconut or regular 

Mix all in a food processor. It is REALLY up to you how much of each you add. It all depends on the consistency and taste you want to achieve. So add until you are happy!

Enjoy! PS Tag us or message us when you try it!! 



  1. I would LOVE to go back to the cake batter days at the Bear! Oh to go back to our killer metabolism too!!!
    I actually tried this awhile back and make it frequently! It was on the Disney junior night time commercial with a cook!!! Love how it tastes just like soft serve!

    1. HAHA I love that it was on the Disney channel and that you were watching it!! #momlife Gosh the days of the Golden Bear were way too fabulous!!! Lots of fun times!:)

  2. Looks delicious, another recipe I am going to have to try.