Friday, March 28, 2014

2 Week Check-in: BodyRock 30 Day Real Time Challenge (First 2 Weeks)

Jamie’s Bodyrock 30 Day Real Time Diary
We are almost at the two week mark, and I am LOVING the workouts. I am not a big fan of the jump roping/10 second rests in between the actual exercises, but I LOVE feeling that burn! Below is a diary that I have been keeping each day. As you can see, I started off with a lot to say, but figured you'd just want me to tell you what's up in as few words as possible. :)

Week 1:
Day 1 (3/17/14 ~ our lucky day!):
This was so much fun! I actually like how the exercises continued to change and keep my mind occupied (I tend to get bored easily-- especially, when I do not feel the burn!). T25 has prepared me well for this new workout program.

I love the side abs burn!! That was by far the best workout. I did not use the jump rope much because I felt like it was holding me back from getting a “good” workout. So, I jumped in place, and this kept me going. I hope to practice with the jump rope more on my own time, and I will include this in the workouts.

My arms need work! I felt them getting tired, but they also did not feel as strong as I would like. I will need to focus on this. I would also like to sweat more! I kept up with Lisa’s pace, but I realized halfway through that I can push myself more. Props to Lisa for talking me the whole way through. She was pretty motivational.

After day one, all I can say is “look good- feel good!”

Day 2:
WOOHOO! That was such a blast! We were going the entire time, and Lisa was very motivating! I was sticking with her the entire time and loving it!! All the killer exercises were included (mountain climbers, plank, burpees). LOVE LOVE LOVEEE! I did not like the breaks so much today- so I only allowed 5 second rests before jumping rope. Ahhhh - can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout! Today was much more fun than yesterday!

Day 3:
I really enjoyed the exercises today, but it was too long of a workout. The jumping rope does get tedious. Plus, I really don’t like the 10 second and minute breaks. I just keep jumping or do the exercise for that time. Don’t get me wrong, the workout program is still fun. Lisa is still keeping up her motivational pace. Another issue I have is not feeling as sore as I would like. I will blame myself because I should just push harder!

Day 4:
That’s what I call a workout! I was huffing and puffing while trying my best to keep up with Lisa! I loved being able to use my equalizers and kettle bell too. Great workouts! I feel great! Those endorphins are flowing, and I went on a cleaning spree. Woo hoo!

Day 5:
That’s what I’m talking about, baby! Today was all about ABS!! I love feeling the burn in all the right places. ;) Today’s workout was a little bit shorter than the other ones, so double bonus. I feel really good after that workout. There is one move in particular that was challenging, and it is where one leg goes on the equalizer during a side plank. In this position, your lower knee (below equalizer bends into the opposite (top) elbow. I was showing Alex this move, and he told me to “man up!” It was hard, but once I got the hang of it, I was having a blast conquering it!

Day 6:
Allie and I aren’t sure if we did the “Real Time 30 Day Challenge’s” day 6, but we substituted with one of the BodyRock workouts. Lisa said that the weekend is for “active rest days”, but I conquered this workout full-throttle. It really doesn’t matter how long you workout, as long as, you are giving the workout your all!

Day 7:
Well, my butt felt this one! Lisa literally kicked my butt. I was feeling some major burn in those glutes. This was another fun-filled workout, even if it was completed on a Sunday. ;)

Week 2:
Day 8 (3/24/14):
My arms are really feeling the most burn from this workout. I was loving the plank-burpee-tuck jump sequence. That always makes you feel like a champ! Besides that, I was happy to incorporate my equalizers again! Feeling good!

Day 9:
This was an unexpected quick workout. I always appreciate the burpee + push-up + tuck jump exercises, but I am weaker than I’d like to be with the arm exercises. I got to use my kettlebell quite a bit today as a substitute for the weighted pink bag. It just makes less noise for me. Tomorrow is going to be a long workout! I am checking it out now, and I know it will be worth all the time and effort! :)

Day 10:
Today was a short workout (only 30 minutes) that was really all about the arms. I liked the shorter amount of time, but I still struggle with the lag of waiting between exercises..10 seconds can be longer than you may think!

Day 11:
LONG workout! Baby boy could barely make it through it, but Alex kept him occupied for as long as he could. Nick is under the weather...maybe due to the changes in weather, pressure, and his four month vaccinations. Poor guy. :( Anyway, loved the burpee-tuck jumps again! I also love incorporating my kettle bell exercises when I don't have the right equipment for certain moves.
Still working on and looking for my bum! Even Alex was wondering where it is the other day!

Allie's review! 
Alrighty guys, let's see! I am very happy to be done with day 11! Whew!!! I must say this workout is not ideal for beginners, I worked out 30 minutes a day for a week and a half before this and man this is intense. It is nonstop for 45 minutes to an hour! I do enjoy the workout but it is way too long for me. With 4 kids this is VERY hard to fit into my day. I get interrupted a lot, so it is hard for me to complete at once.
 I also always have "helpers" working out with me.... 
Here is the scene of how I work out, I get the boys snacks and let them watch a cartoon while I work out in the same room......
I have to modify a lot of the moves, like the killer push ups, I trade those for knee push ups! You run in place for 30 seconds then rest for 10 then do another activity for 30 seconds the entire time. I switch out at times for doing bicycles instead of the running in place especially if we had just done squats for 30 seconds. I am noticing a lot of changes in my body which is great but like I said it is a pain in the butt to fit this in! Jamie said I could switch but I wanted to complete this so I could give an honest review!! If it was a 30 minute a day workout I would love it so much!!! But you better believe I am sticking this out!! My arms are definitely more toned and I am losing inches from my waist!! It is going to take a while for me to get my stomach toned but I know one day I will get there!! 18 more workouts to go!! WOO!!

PS I did not get any of the equipment, I use the stairs for a lot and also couches in the living room and for weights, I use 2 3lb hand weights which is perfect since I am still a beginner!! So you do not need all the equipment, improvise and get creative!!



  1. I am definitely considering this once I have a little kore equipment. The time may be hard to do at home, but I can handle that. My question is for Jamie this time. Should I try T25 before I do this? I still have 25 days of the 30 day shred left, but I am already looking into my next workout so that I feel fully prepared.

    And Allie, I commend you for sticking through this. I know is can be hard for Jamie and I, and we only have one kid. You doing it with four in he same room is amazing!

    1. Hi Tiffany! Check out T25, but, selfishly, I want you to complete the workout with us in the upcoming months! If you want a head start, get your T25 on! ;) If you just want workouts to add onto your 30 Day Shred exercises, I highly recommend BodyRock's 12 minute workouts. I did these before I became pregnant with Nick, and the videos totally worked for me! There are plenty of different workout routines to choose from on YouTube and the DailyHiit website. Another option is BeachBody's TurboFire program. Chalene Johnson (TurboFire instructor) has plenty of high energy and motivation to get you through the workouts. Love her, and I thought this program was really fun!

      Speaking of people I love, Allie really is kicking butt and taking names with this BodyRock 30 Day Challenge. It is really tough! You are right, Tiffany, Allie does deserve some praise! xoxo to you both!

  2. Shawn T does a great workout called "T25." I'm sure you've heard of it, but it's awesome. SUPER hard and intense, but works different muscle groups 5 days a week for only 25 minutes! You girls are doing awesome!

  3. I'll stick with my Firm DVDs, I cannot even get through those yet, so I am not even a beginner, I am pre-beginner :).