Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pinning & Winning

With 100% honesty, I LOVE PINTEREST! I do I do I doooo! There were two articles on cnn.com recently about moms who pin vs. mom's who don't. I totally fall into the Pinterest mom category, but I can also relate to those moms that don't choose to pin too.

Christina Brockett is the author of "I'm not a Pinterest Mom --- and Learning to Be OK with That". Brockett states, "But I've come to learn that perfect pictures don't tell the complete story." I will admit to many "Pinterest fails" of my own, but I still keep pinning...do you see where I am going with this??

There are far too many "perfect pins, models, crafts, and photographs" that we tend to compare our own abilities and selves to. Guess what, we all like to share pictures that make us look our best and flattering. There is no way that I want to post a picture that makes me look ridiculous  nor do I want anyone to see any of my "Pinterest fails".

If anything, I have learned to persevere with my workout habits and Pinterest obsession because one day I will find a new line of muscle definition or the most amazing pin that I can whip up to perfection. I am winning and pinning all at the same time! It might have been a battle to get that toned muscle or create a work of art, but I persisted and did it! You can too!

Below are a few of my Pinterest "wins". Of course, I don't have pictures of my failures (why on Earth would I do that?!), but these gems  I found online are always hilarious to scroll through. ;)

Where we met, wed, and lived together.

"Love is Art"

Alex's notes to me before our wedding day.

Classic make-up bowl.

On the left is one that Alex and I put together (3-D like), and the one on the right is an Etsy find created for our first anniversary.

Keep on pinning and winning, my friends! Allie and I will be writing about options for healthy recipes soon. 
You rock!


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  1. Love the artwork, especially the hearts w maps of you and Alex's journey together! Also the black painting w the A and J heart. Look forward to seeing more of your artwork. Also really look forward to the healthy recipes. Going to make Allie's strawberry ice cream and your pumpkin bites so far. And, as Allie''s mom, I look forward in getting to know you better through the years and watch all the boys grow up together as cousins! Take care, hon and tell your "men" I said "Hello".