Thursday, May 29, 2014

Good boy!

When I hear the word, "fat", negative emotions, feelings and thoughts start flowing in. If you're like me, we need to change our perspectives! Fats are not what their evil reputation makes them out to be...well, let me elaborate. It is time we team up with our polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats because we need them as much as they need us!

Jillian Michaels wrote, "Calories are a unit of energy and fat is a stored energy." (Found here.) I love this! Her quote speaks volumes because calories travel in, through and out of our bodies. Actually "fat" sticks around in places that most of us probably don't appreciate.

Just because a food product describes itself as "low fat", please remember to read the label! This "fat" is most likely man-made and processed. Is that something you want to put into your body? Of course, moderation is key with all your meals and snacks, but keep in mind that there are "good" fats out there that you and your body will surely appreciate-- emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Trust me, I am still working on breaking my cereal habit! ;) I love the crunch, and it isn't easy. I am working on my self-control every day. I am confident that I can overcome this isle in the organic section. 

Below is a picture of some good fats that your body will thank you for, as well as, your waistline:


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