Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Defining Beauty

Allie and I are big fans of the bravo television show, "Real Housewives". I have literally watched every episode, and my poor husband practically knows all the women by location, season, and name. Haha.

A few weeks ago, I found "The Real Housewives of Melbourne". I was so excited because this does not air in the United States, and I had seven episodes to watch! Baring with my excitement, Alex watched the first episode of the season with me. While the we got to know the women, he remarked how beauty/size really might have something to do with where we live. Another comment he had was about how the women in Melbourne were beautiful and a little meatier than the majority of Real Housewives in the U.S.

This was so interesting to me. My overall goal is to look good for Alex. There is a theory out there that Kyle Richards echoed during the "Secrets Revealed" episode in the most recent season..."We dress to look good for other women". This was another thought that really hit my core.

I love these two!

I began to research how "beauty" is defined throughout the world. For instance, some cultures in Uganda plump their women up to look like "fat cows" before and throughout marriage. Uganda women want to be called "fat cows" because cows are considered holy to them.

Jessica Simpson (I love her too!) traveled the world to figure out what is considered "beauty" throughout our planet. The show was called "The Price of Beauty". Jessica did this because of all the remarks about her weight fluctuations, and she wanted to make a statement with this show. I was really moved by the episodes. Below are a few. If you want more, just type in "Jessica Simpson The Price of Beauty" in YouTube. :)

The photo on the right is what really pushed Jessica to discover what is "beautiful".

Pretty interesting perspectives. What does "beauty" mean to you? What defines "beauty"???



  1. I recently decided that a bit more chub makes my husband a bit happier and maybe, just maybe, I should just embrace it.

    1. Jamie- My husband is always brutally honest with me about how my body looks. I encourage him to do so because I trust his judgement. Like your husband, Alex likes me to have some meat on my bones. Embrace it, girl! happy wife = happy life! :) -Jamie

  2. I think guys definitely like some meat on women's bones... We need to remember what that "fit" doesn't necessarily mean "skinny in US terms"!

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