Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Choosing Carbs Wisely & P90x3

Yup...I admit it... I have gone total carb crazy! Well, not too insane, but for me and my lack of self control, this is just no good.

A few ago, I went back to work since having Nicholas. The mornings were not what they used to be. I could saute or bake my veggies with plenty of time to multi-tasking. The problem is that I like my foods to be cold (like leftovers), so after cooking those veggies and proteins for an hour, I have to wait another hour while they sit in the freezer.  Yes, I know, I have the strangest eating habits!

For the past two weeks, I have been eating my yummy cereal before work. Oh, the plainness and crunch fill me up with joy. Truly, cardboard at its finest! Sweets just aren't appealing to me. Again...I'm so abnormal when it comes to food!

Lately, I have been into Ezekiel Flax and Barbara's Puffins (Original...it's me...of course!). If I collect 15 bar codes from 15 Puffins cereal boxes, we can "adopt/name" a real live puffin!!!! It only seems right and fair that I keep buying and eating them. Humanitarium of the year! ;)

Anyway, add some tea with honey or lemon juice and water to drink, and my mornings are truly F-U-N! I am aware that I could have prepped my meals the night before or gotten up extra early to cook my breakfast, but food is not a big motivator for me. Fortunately/Unfortunately, how I look and feel are. Summer is only a month away!!

While I have been enjoying these carb-filled mornings, school is winding down. Newsflash: All my hard work and dedication this past fall/winter as going down the tubes fast, unless I jump back on the clean eating bandwagon. This past weekend, Alex and I discussed me enjoying carbs, but choosing them wisely. One of his friends is a fitness freak, but the guy splurges on a meal or two every so often.

Although I am having a good time now, these carbs aren't exactly fueling my body with the proper nutrition. It is time I put down my cereal boxes, and bring in more boxes of produce and canned vegetables! Stick to the outside isles at the grocery store, Jamie!!

So, here I go, fitness friends! I have started P90x3 this week. It is a 14 week program with 30 minute workouts! Yesterday's workout has my interest, and I hope the other workouts are more fast-paced, I really really realyyyyyyyy don't like yoga. Yoga = flexibility, and this body was not made to stretch, but for athletic ability, baby!


Counting down the days until summer... all I need to do is get my mind right when it comes to my carb choices--- I am coming after you, summer! Who is with me??



  1. Love your puffin love! Save the puffins!!!

    1. We just attained our allotted amount to adopt an actual Puffin! We are working on names now. :)))) -Jamie