Friday, May 16, 2014

Radiantly You Review- Samantha McCarty

Yesterday, I received a lovely package from Samantha McCarty. McCarty is a mother of four beautiful children under the age of five! (Sound familiar?) She is also an Independent Wellness Guide for Radiantly You.

Before receiving this package, I wanted to learn more about Samantha by checking out her biography on Radiantly You's website. I really appreciated her thoughts on keeping a toxic free and organic home. In her bio, McCarty states, "We are all called to take care of our bodies, our families and our environments to the best of our ability and I think this company will help us all achieve this goal.  For once, there is an organic company that TRULY is organic and best of all, can fit into most families budget."  After reading this, I could not wait for my package to arrive!

Radiantly You is a company that sells "all natural and organic products". The brand sells moisturizers, beauty butters, sugar scrubs, lip balms, facial wash, soaps, shampoos, herbal decongestant, toothpaste, baby balm/butter, and cleaning supplies.

McCarty sent me a package full of information about the products she sells, as well as, a few samples. This was such a treat! Nicholas and I opened up the package and read the enclosed card together. We both agree that McCarty must be as sweet as the Radiantly You products.

The samples that McCarty sent were the "Healing Calendula Balm" and "Lavendar Vanilla Scrub".

The Healing Calendula Balm smells very natural and feels soft on my skin. This balm smells like its natural ingredients--I can smell the coconut butter. In addition, this balm stays on well and gives your skin a glow.

This balm can be found in Radiantly You's "Health" section. Click here for more Health options and pricing.
The Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub feels very refreshing against your skin. It literally felt like I was getting a facial at a spa. After using it, my face felt rejuvenated. I really liked this product's smell and the feeling it gave my skin. This balm can be found in Radiantly You's "Beauty" section. Click here for more Beauty options and pricing.

Nick and I continued to flip through the Radiantly You catalog together. He read through the information and made sure to check out the "Baby" section. Overall, Radiantly You is right up our family's alley in terms of organic products supporting wellness and health. We are big advocates of organic products, and Radiantly You surely caterers to those needs.

 For Radiantly You's online catalog, click here. To get in touch with Samantha directly, you can click here.


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