Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Everyday Minerals Make-up Review

Hey guys, Allie here!! You will soon come to know that I am the semi crunchy one of the group. Okay sometimes very crunchy. I cannot stand chemicals. AT ALL. I despise them. I will post soon on all my favorite organic and natural bath and body products, but lets just say our family is very strict when it comes to things that go on our skin. It's kind of gross how many chemicals there are in just soaps and lotions. Which is why you will find me searching for a better option always. The last thing that I needed to switch out was my make up! I am not a HUGE make up person but I do like to look nice for my husband from time to time. I was using Bare Minerals which they claim to be a natural line but I wasn't fully happy with their ingredients. My friend mentioned to me about Everyday Minerals....I was intrigued. 
 I put make up on at most 2-3 times a week and I need something that is FAST and easy without a lot of extras. Everyday Minerals goal is to create make ups only using 5-8 natural plant based ingredients. That is WAY less than any other traditional make up and there are no NASTY chemicals touching your skin! Their make up is 100% vegan & cruelty free.  

They sent me an awesome sample kit and also some blush! 
 The best part about the sample kit is ANYONE CAN GET ONE FREE from their site! It helps you pinpoint exactly what your color is before you order a full sized powder!! Click below to get started! 
My face has been beat to death by horrible pregnancy acne. I have lots of scars to hide and I feel like this make up did a really good job! It takes me about 2-3 minutes MAX to put it on!! It just gives me a nice glowing skin that does not look like I caked make up on!! I love it because its so smooth and breathable!
I can happily say I have now found a natural make up that I am in love with!! I will be ordering their concealer stick to help in the acne scar areas on my cheeks that bother me!! I will definitely do a review on those as well once I get them! Let's support these NATURAL businesses that are healthy for us instead of the mega make up companies that chalk us up with chemicals! 



  1. LOVE love love this stuff! You look gorgeous! I also am not a huge makeup person so I love the simplicity of these products. Just a lil bit to give the face a boost!

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