Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eating Habits: Wee wee...huh huh

Bonjour! Has anyone read this book yet? After skimming through, I was quite intrigued! So much so, I am going to apply the rules to my own "American" eating habits!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rules above. Simple, firm, and healthy! Rule #4 is my favorite. My family always ate our dinner together, and we still do to this day. The only issue I have with the book so far is:

Ahhhh...I am the pickiest eater. I won't complain, but I just like food to be cooked, separated, and presented in MY way, so sorry rule #6. Yes, I am a super bratty eater, and I just hope I can work on this for Nick's sake. Alex is a gem because he just lets me be my picky eater self. Wee wee!

Has anyone else read this book? If not, do you have thoughts on American eating habits versus how other cultures eat?


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