Thursday, July 24, 2014

Overfed and Undernourished?

Simple foods to add to your diet-- In other words...

Get away from being overfed and undernourished!

A few options to you to choose from. Below are my current favorites...
Broccoli: Some may like their broccoli cooked or raw, and broccoli is yum yum yummy (especially with coconut oil)! Plus, FIBER! This will not only make you feel full, but clean you out too. On top of that, the mineral, chromium, stabilizes blood sugar levels. WINNING! I have broccoli every morning--don't resist, just try it. I did, and I have totally changed my opinion on this tiny green tree.

Dark Chocolate: I love dark chocolate; the more cocoa included the better. I have currently been eating Ghiradeli's 86% cocoa dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains healthy fats, lowers blood pressure, prevents cardiovascular disease, boosts insulin resistance, and prevents UV damage. I don't think I need to continue to convince you to try or continue to eat healthy dark chocolate "treats".

Eggs: I add eggs to my broccoli and coconut oil each morning. This provides me with protein that helps me feel full. The high selenium in eggs is also believed to prevent certain cancers. In addition, the choline in eggs is great for your brain.

Spring Mix: Think iron and energy. Some studies indicate the iron can actually bring happiness into your life. I believe this holds true for me. I eat salad all day long, and I never get tired of it. So good!

Salsa: Low in calories and high in vitamins. Great addition to any meal or snack.

Kidney & Black Beans: Fiber and protein-- need I say more? I think that beans are just plain yummy.

Tuna & Turkey: Omega 3's may help with controlling mood swings, and turkey is an excellent lean protein option.



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