Wednesday, August 20, 2014

GUILT-FREE Brownie Bites

I feel like I need some strong beginning of a movie type of music, but, folks, it is true-- These brownie bites are literally guilt-free and fiber full-- Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Dates or prunes (7-10)
Steel cut oats (3/4-1 cup)
Vanilla (1 tsp)
Dark Chocolate (I will leave the amount up to you- haha)
Sweetener or cinnamon to taste (Only if needed)

Boil dates or prunes for 10 minutes in about 2 cups of water.

Chop up some yummy chocolate of your choice. This particular chocolate comes from Africa. It is amazing, and the profits go towards the cocoa farmers' families. I love when organic companies include tidbits about their lifestyles and businesses. The symbols on the package actually represent the African tribes' cultures that make these chocolate treats. It is hard to beat 70% cocoa, plus the creaminess may surprise you!

Blend the steel-cut oats into a powder like texture. Add in the dates or prunes and vanilla. I included the boiled water. You can do the same depending on your preference with the dough.

Add in the chocolate as chunks or melted. As chunks, you get cookie dough. If you melt the chocolate, you get a nice brownie mix.

I froze my bites. Otherwise, I would eat the entire batch!
If you have time this week, give this recipe a try! You won't regret it. Besides, check out the calorie count on MyFitnessPal or another app. These are totally worth the time and effort! :)


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