Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Ultimate Yogi

My P90x3 program is complete, and I am jumping on the Yoga bandwagon! I am not a "yogi" (yet), but I think this might be a great personal (mental/physical) challenge for me. I have decided to try "The Ultimate Yogi" workout series. There are 12 discs (each around an hour, expect for the abs which is 18 minutes).

Since I am used to P90x3's 30 minute workouts, these longer workouts will definitely take some getting used to. Again, I am going to challenge myself to get up earlier and have a more positive attitude. We will see how this goes since I am truly one of the most inflexible people I know. Whatever, no pain, no gain! I am excited to take this on, and we will see how I look and feel after 108 days of commitment. Woohoo!

Travis shares his fitness tips here:
A diet plan is included, as well: I particularly found this part of the website the most interesting (especially this video):

-xo -Jamie

If interested, check out the program's preview here:


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