Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Barefoot Madness

Almost all of my family and friends know that my husband is 99% BAREFOOT. It was even shown on our House Hunters episode that he walks to church shoeless, with his dress shoes in his hands. I rarely notice it anymore because I am so used to him doing this. But let me tell you the first few times were embarassing. He literally walked barefoot on our trip to NYC. Seriously. I had to force him to put shoes on at one point. But I am honestly I am barefoot most of the time anyways being at home, the only time I put shoes on is to go somewhere. Other than that I am barefoot too, so are the kids! 
I found this article about the 11 benefits of walking barefoot
Here is the quick list:
1-Better Balance
2- Feeling Grounded (no pun intended haha)
3-Foot Strength
4- Healthy Feet
5-More Energy
6- Less Stress
7- Freedom
8- Almost Perfect Posture
9- Pain Free
10- Blood Circulation
11- Awareness

Now if you read the article they obviously explain more about each of those. Honestly since I workout barefoot it does help my balance a ton. I also did gymnastics my whole life which is barefoot clearly. My tumbling was 10 times better without shoes than with shoes. Shoes just take away a whole lot of feeling for things. Obviously shoes are good for when you are out in public clearly no one wants to step on a shard of glass or thorn.

I am honestly on board with the barefoot notion and it doesn't really bother me. But let me tell you, my husband is INSANELY picky about the shoes for the boys. It's kind of a pain at times but the best shoes for our boys are Crocs, because they are so wide and let the kids feet breathe. We also love TOMS, but the cordone style ones, they are a tad wider for the boys feet. Then the latest shoes the boys have been wearing are Vivo Barefoot. Jordan has worn these for years but we recently found their kids line and the boys LOVE them!!! The shoes are practically weightless which is awesome! 

I have actually found a pair for me that I will be trying out here soon!! 
I am a huge fan of yellow so these are perfect!!

This is the style that Jordan wears. 
And these are the boys kicks. 
Clearly Vivo is a family affair over here!!

 But seriously what do you think about the barefoot movement? Do you prefer to be barefoot?? 


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  1. As much as I love my heels, if I'm home or just outside at my house I'm all about being barefoot. I love running through the grass chasing the boys barefoot. The husband runs (like for real run) half the time in shoes and half the time barefoot. All about it.