Friday, June 6, 2014

Whole Food vs. Puree for Baby

Nick is officially becoming a kid! He is eating plenty of good fats and even whole foods! I have read about babies eating actual foods versus purees, but never paid any attention until I began to notice Nick's behaviors when it came to meal times.

Keeping in mind that Nick is still learning about eating, I am not putting too much effort into worrying over his eating habits....yet! I am one of the pickiest eaters I know, besides my Aunt Kim (who I totally blame for this now family trait)!

Anyway, when I offer Nick puree, he will fuss, but eventually give in. Then, when I offer him a banana, organic puffs, or even other actual foods, he excitedly chews and gobbles them down! What gives?! I guess this is where Alex and I just have to go with the flow and throw the "first time parents" rule book out the window.

Time to brag...our baby boy has been crawling for almost a month now. I have to close doors and hide the outlets. Nick is also trying to pull himself up to stand. This boy has loved to stand since he was a newborn. He cries if you sit him in your lap. Put him up on his feet, and Nick won't complain! Now, I can let Nick stand BY HIMSELF (yay!) in his play pen while holding onto the side. My heart literally melts. How can he be getting this big already?! We are so in love with him!

Enjoy your weekend with your friends and family. We will be happily chasing our 6 month old around while you do! :)



  1. It sounds like you should look into baby led weaning. You basically skip the purees and introduce whole foods. Breastfed babies get all the nutrients from breast milk anyway so nutrients from purees or food is just extra.

    1. Thanks Traci! I will look into baby led weaning. My husband just loves feeding Nick purees because he mixes coconut oil with everything. Alex wants to make sure his boy gets those good fats. :) -Jamie