Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Learninig to Walk

First day on the walker. He moved across the room!
Nick is learning to walk! OHHH MYY GOSH! We have been working on this with him for the past two weeks.

The boy has always loved to stand. He pulls himself up on EVERYTHING. As our first born, I squeal at all of these new triumphs.

We have learned a trick with our dear boy. He LOVES "Tiger Boo" on YouTube. Tiger Boo motivated Nick to crawl, and now walking. This is the best video, and someone must have also figured this out because they made a 15 minute long video! Anytime we play this song, Nick lights up and gets in such a good mood!

Anyway, now, Nick goes on a walking workout, while I complete P90x3. He doesn't always stay on his course, but he sure makes us very proud parents!


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