Thursday, June 26, 2014

Watermelon Cake

My husband is pretty strict on his eating. Of course when it's a birthday I am a cake eating frosting licking fool. I love cake but I had to put my birthday cake love aside for my husbands requests. He loves watermelon. I mean LOVES it, we eat a whole one almost every single day in the summer. It's his go-to sweet thing so a few weeks back when we saw a cake made from watermelon we instantly knew that is what we would do for his birthday!

I looked at a few recipes but of course decided to just wing it! 
You will need
Watermelon, cut as best you can into a "cake" shape!
Organic Whipping Cream (2 pints)
Powdered Sugar

I prefer to make my own whipped cream mainly because store bought is full of hydrogenated vegetable oils, why that is in there puzzles me. But alas, I choose to make it from scratch and it's so easy and EVEN more tasty. I just pour the 2 pints into the kitchen aid with the whisk attachment, then as it starts to somewhat thicken I pour in some powdered sugar, maybe 1/4 cup? I just wing it, then all of a sudden it will turn to a thick whipped cream consistency. PS you will never buy cool whip after this! 
 I applied the whipped cream VERY thick, the sides were the hardest to get it to stick to but if you put it on thick it works great!!! Then I topped with some berries. 
 All my boys for Jordan's 29th watermelon cake celebration. The boys LOVED it!!
Next time I will make it not as thick because the whipped cream to watermelon ration wasnt the best. I needed way more cream! So I would suggest cutting it in half. We also decided that you could layer it and put berries in between to be the barrier. Nonetheless it was freaking awesome and definetely the go-to cake for my gluten free loving husband! 


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