Saturday, June 14, 2014

Get Fit Like Fido? Bow WOW!

Priscilla Liang, the Community Coordinator at, reached out to us about getting "Fit like Fido". Liang organizes an online community where dog lovers can connect with one another to find and provide dog daycare and boarding. She attached this document with her email that really got us thinking...

1. Alex ALWAYS comments on how well babies and young children do the perfect squats. "That's a good looking squat right there!" he says. I try to include Nick during my workouts. I figure that if he sees me working out, he will also enjoy exercises on his own one day. In all honesty, Nick actually teaches me how to do moves the "right" way sometimes. My squats have seriously improved.

If you have a pet, you know they are witnesses to all your interesting life moments...even those times you wish no one was watching. ;) Therefore, consider being a good fitness example to your family members (that includes your pets, right?!) If anything, check out these workouts and see how your pet does them. Maybe you will learn a thing or two about correct form from them! ;)

2. Since getting into circuit training exercises, I am loving how my own body weight can get me in naturally good shape.We do not have a pet, but when I lift Nick with my arms and legs, I can totally feel the burn. Why can't pet owners use their pets as weights too?! Of course, I will not judge based on the type of pet you have! Some of your animals are bigger than people! Besides that, even pets have some serious attitudes too!

3. The picture above makes me laugh because we really find ourselves in interesting positions during our workout routines. For instance, the classic yoga pose: "Downward Facing Dog" is so awkward for me, but feels so good at the same time. If the dogs can do this without shame, why can't all humans do the same? ;) Always be proud of working out and getting in better shape.

4. If you don't want to workout alone, grab one of your feline friends or friends with felines and try this workout. Maybe this can boost your animal training skills? Besides, your pet may surprise you, and, more importantly, you might get a few good laughs out of it too. Humor is good for the soul and abs! I tried some of these poses out with Nick yesterday, and he just looked at me like the crazy lady I am. Nothing new. ;)

5. For those of you who know your pet is not down for exercising, the DogVacay link provides you with information on how to connect with a pet-sitter. Therefore, the dog gets a new friend/entertainer, and you can get your workout on!

In Liang's email, she asked:  

Do you have a favorite exercise circuit? 
Jamie's Response: YES! Currently, I LOVE P90x3's MMX (Mixed Martial Arts) workout circuit. The entire workout is fast-paced, and I feel like Jackie Chan!

How do you cool down? 
Jamie's Response: I follow the P90x3 cool downs, but I also make sure to reach for my toes and do a couple quick stretches at the end of my workouts.

And how do you shake up your routine when transitioning through seasons? 
Jamie's Response: I go back and forth with BodyRock and BeachBody's exercise programs. I'll check out their latest fitness trends and determine if I'll repeat one of their programs/challenges or try something new.

Thanks again for reaching out to us Priscilla! This is a fun way to think about daily workouts. :)

The Real Healthwives friends: What are your thoughts on working out with pets? Do you have a pet that is a fitness friend or foe?

Reminder: The Clean and Mean Selfie Giveaway starts today! Why not include your pets on the fun and games too?! #cleanandmean

Happy Father's Day tomorrow to all those wonderful fathers in our lives!


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