Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Don't Give Up!

I have been there. I completely understand the frustration. You had every single intention of eating healthy and working out today but laundry and kids got in the way of that happening. Oh no there goes 3 days in a row. Crap, I will never get out of this funk!!! I have been there. I have felt the same exact way. This is completely normal.

The thing is YOU can change the path. You can switch things up and get back on the train. The train did not leave the station without you. It is just waiting for you to board again. You may have delays and stops along the way but your train NEVER gets off the track. You just have to step back on for the ride. I havent worked out in 3 days. We had a crazy weekend with Fathers Day and yesterday we had a huge play date with cousins. Cherry on the top of the madness was a trip with the kids to Steak n Shake complete with a shake, whip cream and cherry. I enjoyed every sip of that cookies and cream goodness and I didn't blink an eye at the moment. I knew that this rough past 3 days was not the end. It was just a bump in the road. 
I find friends who get so discouraged about eating bad one day or not working out for a few days. They just throw the towel in and give up. PLEASE don't do that. DO not give up on yourselves! It is not worth it to stop, you need to trudge forward and keep moving. I always think of my kids in those moments of wanting to just toss the towel in. I think of when Vincent used to get frusterated in learning to write the letters to his name. Sure, I could have just let him quit and walk away from it. That would have been easier than hearing him complain. But we kept helping him, we taught him ways to make it easier and how to correctly form the letters. Sure sometimes he doesnt always make the perfect shaped letter E but he is trying. Each time he writes it he learns an eaiser way to make it work for him. I never let him give up and now he can write his name great. This happens so many times in our kids lives, we as parents help them figure everything out and learn ways that make things easier and functional for them. Its our job as parents to never let them give up.

But why do we so easily give up on ourselves? You see what I am getting at? Think about your child telling you the things you are thinking. I am tired. I am sick. I would rather eat a cheeseburger. I laundry to do instead. I would rather watch TV. You would tell them to KNOCK IT OFF. You would tell them to keep trying and move on even when it seems the world is against them. When you look at a healthy lifestyle think about what you would want your children to do, or even your spouse or best friend? Would you tell them to just toss in the towel over a bump in the road? NO, you would want them to push and keep trying. It's okay to mess up here and there but it is not okay to give up on YOURSELF. You are important! You can do anything you put your mind to, so get up, shake it off and keep going. Choose to get back on the train!!
I am back at it today with healthy eating and my secret weapon, the 21 day fix!
 xoxo- Allie 



  1. Heck, I haven't even started yet :).

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