Monday, June 9, 2014

Radiantly You- Decongestant

Samantha McCarty, a Radiantly You Independent Wellness Guide, is at it again! This time, she generously sent me Radiantly You's "Natural Herbal Decongestant". Wow wow wow! I used some on myself (dabs under my nose), and I was breathing so much better. Plus, the smell of this decongestant is quite wonderful-- double win!!
I loved this decongestant so much, I dabbed a bit on Nicholas. He didn't mind at all, and it seems to have helped him breathe easier too. :)

Samantha and the Real Healthwives are working together for a giveaway in the near future. We are thinking about giving a lucky Real Healthwives and Radiantly You follower a free all-natural cleaning product. Stay tuned for and don't miss out on this upcoming event!!

Thanks again, Samantha for your generosity!


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