Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I like to eat....a lot!

Like, literally. This is me, Allie, to a tee!!! I love food, love love love it!! Food is so much fun and I just love indulging in treats and also cooking. I honestly believe that you can still be fit while enjoying the foods you love. Everything in moderation baby!! My body and mind is less stressed when I allow treats here and there into my diet. I always find that anytime I try to follow a rigid schedule of eating it always backfires on me. I think when I have things planned out or if there are rules, I always want to bend them or break them (such a rebel!) so being more relaxed works wonders for me. 

Jordan and I rarely if ever go out to eat but when we do I usually just allow whatever since its just maybe once every few months. PS I am not picky I just would rather make our own food since the quality of restaurants meat and produce is pretty damn low. And going out to eat with 4 kids isn't that much fun!:)

If you go out to eat often here are some tips to help, or if you are like me just go for it! 
The whole movement is supposed to be a permanent change, not just temporary so you each individually need to find what works for you. If you are someone who has to stick with a plan, do it. But if you need to loosen the rules, do it! You can have both. Don't stress yourself with trying to be perfect! You can have a bad meal or miss a workout here or there. 
Don't stop JUST because of that. Keep chugging along 
My style is keeping our big meals 100% clean, meat and veggies baby, then I loosen the rules on snacks here and there. The only big meal I really eat is dinner, during the days I do shakeology and fruits and veggies for snacks, and chocolate is mixed in there (let's be serious people) But I do eat pretty darn well compared to America's eating standards! PS Have you noticed how much less you eat as a mom. I swear I am always feeding everyone else, then if I ever do go to eat, my kids are like hawks and want whatever I am eating. Every single time. Those little boogers can ALSO smell out when I eat something bad, like I will sneak chocolate in the pantry and they will instantly hear the wrapper or smell it when I chew. They are hawks. haha

What's your style? Whats your secret to making it work for you??



  1. I agree with all of this, especially the "eating less as a mom". I always thought I'd gain weight when I started staying home with access to food ALL DAY LONG, but the opposite thing happened because I rarely have time to sit down and just eat. I'm constantly feeding my kids but eat so much less than working 8-5 and having scheduled meal times.

  2. This is so true! I always quit dieting because I would get burnt out. Now I have embraced being able to treat myself on occassion and have had so much more success. Being strict is no fun. I learned to not let the foods control my mindset and myself. Much easier to loosen the reins!

  3. THANK YOU for this!!! I found your blog on IG. I love this movement. Great job ladies!