Monday, April 21, 2014

BeachBody Focus T25: Day 1

Let the FOCUS begin! It's on, T25!!

Allie will be experimenting with T25's Alpha and Beta rounds, while I am looking forward to kicking butt with Shaun T's Gamma routines!!

Be sure to follow your selected calendars, and let us know how you're doing throughout the next five weeks!

Remember: We are a TEAM! No judgement and negativity allowed. Let's rock this and enjoy being fit and hot wives, mommas, and women!!

Below are our "before" photos (keeping in mind we completed BodyRock's 30 Day Real Time Challenge):

Goals: To look like one hot babe this summer, while hanging with my group of good-looking men that always seem to be around me! ;)

**Doesn't Allie look amazing after just over a month!! This girl is really killing it in the fitness/mom categories. Love her!

Goals: Tone up with lean muscle and pump up my backside!
Weight: 115.8lbs
As you may have read about me before, I do not trust the scale whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, the scale serves its weigh things accurately, but I prefer looking at photos of myself to compare over time. 

**I need to work on my posture-- that side profile...sheesh! After looking at these photos, I believe I have gained some muscle from the 30 Day Challenge.

Thanks for everyone who has chosen to participate with us! Allie and I are thrilled to get to know all of you and be able to support one another. Share as you wish, ask questions, get discussions going. We will do our best to cheer you on and pump you up!! Good luck!

May the *focus* be with you!

For those of you starting with us today, how did you first day go??