Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fitness and Breastfeeding

I recently read this article on BodyRock because Allie and I were getting questions about breastfeeding and exercise. Everything was going smoothly in this mommy category for Allie and I, and I wanted to learn more to keep it that way.

Allie introduced me to Fenugreek. I love this stuff, and it works well thus far. I also drink "Mother's Milk" tea. Perhaps the two combined with breastfeeding every 3 hours for the first three months of Nick's life have allowed me to pump at least 10 ounces in 15 minutes when I need to?

In addition, I have stopped taking Fenugreek and drinking Mother's Milk tea this past week. My milk supply is still around 10oz each time I pump. Perhaps Fenugreek and Mother's Milk really have helped train my body to create this amount?

To break down the article for you and those of you who just want me to summarize it instead of reading it yourself...there are ten myths that this author debunks (keep in mind that this is written in her opinion/lacking medical support.. ) The myths that I found the most interesting are:

1. Moms who workout actually hurt their milk supply. From my experience, exercising does not hurt your breastfeeding as long as you keep up your calorie and water intake.

2. You can eat whatever you want while breastfeeding and lose weight. Maybe for some, but not for all! You shouldn't "diet" while breastfeeding; just keep eating those nutrient dense foods (lean protein, fruits, veggies, complex carbs).

3. You won't have enough time to breastfeed and exercise. Well, I sort of back this up, but also know that you CAN make time. Those initial weeks and months for a breastfeeding mom can be pretty draining. Like many of you, was exhausted the first 6 weeks. Once the doctor gave me the go-ahead to workout, I was too excited to wait. Finally, some ME time that made me feel and look better. :)

We hope this helps. Just remember to do what is right for you and your baby. :)

Allie chiming in here. I did fenugreek for awhile around month 2 and ever since I started working out I have not done Fenugreek or the teas. My milk supply is actually up!! I found it so interesting because every other post partum time I had never worked out in concern and here I am with an abundance of milk from just being healthier and working out!! I do drink Shakeology which a lot of moms say has upped their milk supply while working out but all I know is that I have NO problems and Sam is a CHUNKER!

I also did a Shakeology cleanse while breastfeeding and no issues!! I think fitness, eating healthy and breastfeeding go hand in hand!! Don't be nervous to try it! Your body will always let you know it's limits
Breastfeed on my friends! xoxo


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