Tuesday, April 15, 2014

BodyRock 30 Day Real Time Challenge Conquered!

Hi everyone! Today is the final day of the 30 Day Real Time BodyRock Challenge! It feels so incredible to have made it through this workout program. I feel stronger and more positive! Woo woo! Below is my (Jamie's) breakdown of the last two weeks.

Week 3:
Day 15:
That was an intense 75 minute Monday workout! Lisa substituted the jump rope sections for burpees and other cardio exercises. All of the rounds are 40 seconds now, and I was feeling that 10 second increase!! The workout went by fairly quickly, and I am so glad I made it though!

Day 16:
Another intense 75 minute workout! I LOVE how the workouts run quickly, but the 75 minutes is just killer! I feel like the time isn't moving at the bottom of the YouTube screen! There were plenty of abs, burpees, and qualizer work. I am starting to think Lisa focuses too much on the arms, but I have also concluded that someone who has weak arms and needs to work on them would say that! I am so glad today’s workout is done! I feel great!!

Day 17:

Finally, a 45 minute workout!! This was all about using weights. I thought that flow went well. Strong is the new sexy!

Day 18:
Holy cow! I thought I was looking forward to that 50 minutes, and it came full speed at me! This was a tough workout! I think Lisa couldn’t believe the hardcore moves she incorporated in today’s routine! Instead of jumping rope, you work with the sandbag (chest press or swings). I was using my kettlebell, and it got pretty tough after the first 10 minutes. Phew! My arms are feeling especially tired today. Wooweeeee!

Day 19:

I was not able to find this workout on YouTube. So, I worked with one of the 21 Day Challenge routines. I think these are so fun! I can’t wait for Allie and I to take on this workout program this summer!!

Day 20:
Since the 30 Day Real Time Challenge does not have any more weekend workouts, I did another 21 Day Challenge with a bonus ab workout. We are so close to being done!! I can’t believe how quickly the month has flown by!

Week 4:
Day 22:
Back to 75 minute workouts! Gotta love getting right back into exercise on a Monday morning! ;) This was the same workout as last week. What is great about doing the same hardcore workout is being able to feel stronger, quicker, and lighter! Glad it is over, but happier I just did it!

Day 23:
Tough 55 minute workout! This workout was set up a little different than the others. You do eight rounds per routine. In between each routine, you skip with Lisa for two minutes. I was not a fan of the skipping because I just felt like it was a time filler. I was loving the change up from skipping in between each workout to burpees, sand bag swings, step ups, and switch kicks. I can totally feel those burpees and mountain climbers hardcore in my abs...love love love! Another 55 minute workout tomorrow!!

Day 24:

This day was nothing special...total body workout...skipping rope in between each exercise. At the end of the workout, the bonus cut out for me. So, I had to supplement the lost 15 minutes with my own interval routine. :)

Day 25:

Today was only 45 minutes! Lisa claims that this is her “go-to” workout, and I think I might make it mine too! This workout incorporates some great exercises for a full body workout. This might be my favorite workout thus far. I told Alex that I had a “short workout” this morning, and he still thinks even a 45 minute workout is too long! Haha.

Day 26:

50 minute workout...repeat from week two. I can’t blame her for the repeats, but I enjoy feeling like we are working out together. Meh! The exercises are excellent, so who I am to complain? This routine contains 30 second intervals, until the chest + back bonus. No pain, no gain and my chest and back are agree! Today actually felt a bit easy...I will take this is a good sign!

Day 29:

Wow! My lower body was really feeling this 40 minute workout! Thighs (inner/outer) and butt definitely need this on a regular basis! Instead of arms, we just focused only on the lower body...quite the change!! ONE MORE DAY!

Day 30:

We made it! This was about an hour workout, and I was so pleased with my attained strength!

Ok...do I recommend this 30 Day Real Time BodyRock Challenge, YES! If you want to get into pretty good shape, try this. I had so much fun, and I really felt like I was "frying my fat" as Lisa says. I understand that the time this challenge takes may be an issue, but if you can find the time and make it work...do it! :)

Allie and I will be taking our "after" photos this Easter weekend--- then, we start the T25 five week prep workouts on April 21st. Remember that you can choose Alpha, Beta, or Gamma to complete for the next 5 weeks until we take on Beach Body's 21 Day Fix! I am so excited to defeat these workouts with all of you! We are going to look so amazing and hot this summer!

Alright guys, if you can see around week 3 Jamie said there was 75 min workouts. Yeah, that does not work for me. My kids were on spring break and 75 minutes with 4 kids is not something that fits in my schedule. I did the first day of 75 minutes and was pissed the whole time. It was not fun and I was more stressed than anything and honestly my attitude was pouring onto my kids. When I saw the next day was 75 minutes again I said....SCREW THIS!!!

I had my 21 Day Fix arrive that weekend so I decided to try out one of those workouts!! 30 minutes, my friends!! After that there was NO going back!!! Yes I think the Body Rock 30 day challenge will get you in shape but honestly the inconsistency was not cool. One day would be 40 minutes then the next would be 75. It honestly made me HATE working out. I need to know exactly what I am getting into mentally for the day and to have the days be different times was not cool. 

So I quit at week 3 and switched to another workout and honestly I love working out once I got a 30 minute program!! Body rocks 21 day challenge is shorter so I think I will like that a lot more. I am still over here toning up and losing weight, just with another program! So my 30 day challenge did not go so hot but I gave it an honest shot! So for someone who doesn't have a large chunk of time this is not the workout for you. My sanity is more important than being fit!! haha!!

Also I want to note that I hurt my foot about week 2 of this. All the constant running in place pulled something in my foot. So be careful with too much running high knees in place AND if you feel something start to hurt, ease off! I eased off and did bicycles and honestly was still limping from the foot situation for about 3 days! So listen to your body!!!! Peace out 30 day challenge, I won't miss you one bit and honestly MAYBE when the kids are grown I will revisit you, but for now SAY0NARA!  


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