Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jamie's Prep Workouts

Jamie's Prep Workout:

YAY for getting your fitness on! Below are a few of my favorite and toughest exercises moves.

3 Sets of Each:
 *Choose an area of fitness to focus on for that day from the categories below.

10 Crab Toe Touches
10 Hip Ups
10 Plank Ups
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Squats

Explanation of each strength exercise:

Crab Toe Touches (Crab pose and alternating toe touches- opposite hand to foot)
Hip Ups (laying on your back and pushing hips up off the floor)

Plank Ups (Move from the plank position to elbows- up and down alternating which hand leads)

Mountain Climbers (Plank position moving knees into your elbows like you're doing high knees)

Squats (Make sure you push into and off of your heels- my husband always gets on my case for this!)

If you can go outside- Find a track or parking lot (maybe even a baseball field??)- sprint the straights and jog the curbs for 5-8 minutes consistently (depending on your endurance).

If you're inside- Jump rope for 5-8 minutes alternating scissor kicks, high knees, and regular jumps. Or you can do floor sprints along with jogging in place (30 seconds alternating each) for 5-8 minutes. Floor sprints can be like suicides where you run back and forth in an open area touching the floor or you can be running in a plank position.

Strictly Abs:
*Be sure to keep that lower back on the floor! It makes a difference!

10 V- Ups
10 Side Planks (R)  
Stationary or dips depending on your level of fitness
10 Side Planks (L)  
Stationary or dips depending on your level of fitness
10 Leg Lifts
10 Russian Twists

Explanation of each abdominal exercise:

V- Ups (laying on back and moving arms and legs up to form a V)

This is how I really look when completing my V-Ups...I have the worst flexibility! I really need to work on it!
Side Planks (R&L) Stationary or dips depending on your level of fitness (Hips can move up and down to dip)
One foot in front makes this move modified. Try to work up to one foot on top of the other.
 Leg Lifts (Arms to the sides while you lay on the floor- move legs up and down. The slower you go, the more it will BURN! *Make sure your lower back is pushing ON THE FLOOR!!)

 Russian Twists (Get into the sit-up position and move upper body left and right touching the floor. To make this harder, lift up your feet from the floor.

Other traditional moves to include in your daily workouts, if you feel up for it:
Burpees, planks, sit-ups, push-ups, and lunges

TRUTH: I am not a fitness trainer nor am I able to give professional advice on how to do certain moves. These pictures were simply taken at home by my beloved husband.