Friday, April 4, 2014

Allie's Starter Workout!

Welp guys, as you know I just got into this workout game less than a month ago!! Let me tell you if we weren't doing the Body Rock challenge for this blog I would probably have quit, that program is no joke and not the most ideal for beginners and for moms. It's just TOO long and VERY intense. It is a good workout if you like working out HARD for extended periods of time!! I only prepared for a week and a half before Body Rock with just some simple exercises to get my body ready! If I would have had more time it may have worked a tad better but oh well, nothing like throwing yourself to the wolves!! 

Anyhow, we ALL have to start somewhere. I have shared before that I am not a fan of working out, it just has never been a priority for me mainly because I have been pregnant for so long so honestly I was more concerned about what I could eat, haha it was honestly a free for all!! I loved pregnancy, any excuse to down a few extra brownies or scoops of ice cream. Honestly being pregnant over the holidays, the bomb. Ahhhh alas, I have decided now to take the steps to become a healthy mama!! And I must say I feel amazing from just starting working out a month ago! My body is changing already!! The scale is dropping like crazy and I am seeing a tiny but of tone in areas that used to make me sad! Obviously I am no where near Jillian Micheals body yet, but I am a step above where I was last month and getting dressed is so much easier now! So enough chatting here is the workout I did the week and a half before I started Body Rock. I still like to do this randomly as well, its just a quick fix and easy! Enjoy! 
I am such a loser, as typing this I am singing "let's get physical, physical"
PS T25 Challenge starts April 21st....get ready hotties!!! 


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