Monday, April 28, 2014

Thanks Columbus Crew!

Thank you, Columbus Crew, for the Real Healthwives shout-out at last Saturday's game! Our son, Nick, won "Instagram of the Match"! The Real Healthwives Instagram was acknowledged on the jumbrotron in front of all the Crew fans! "Allie and Jamie" were splattered all over big screen (much to my husband's appreciation!) Haha.

Anyway, during the "halftime show", Nick's picture was put on the tron. Like most fathers, Alex turned in each direction with Nick proudly over his head. It was a sight to see and fun for us as first time parents to enjoy.

Before the game, I asked Alex to take some snaps of Nick and I in hopes to win the Instagram of the Match! (I wasn't sure if Nick would be willing to take pictures during the game, so I needed a back-up!) Again, as most fathers do, *snap* *snap* *snap*-- "There has to be one in there that you'll like."
Winning photo!

Nick can be seen to the far right. This is when we found out we had won! The solo display of Nick was shown at halftime. Uncle David and I were recording the event with video.
Nick won an autographed soccer ball by the entire Columbus Crew team!

Thanks again, Columbus Crew!

Other special thanks to: 

1. Uncle David for sharing this moment with his Twitter world and recording the scene for us (your recording is much better than mine).

2. Alex for being a hysterically proud father during the "Instagram of the Match" presentation.

3. Allie for helping make "The Real Housewives" be what it is today.

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  1. Yeah! Nick! Grandma is so proud of your fame. xoxoxo