Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Veggie Protein Power Abs!

Allie suggested that I write a post about my abs. I wish I could say that the definition in my abs came overnight, but, sadly, these babies take hard work and dedication. This has a little bit to do with fitness. It is all about what you eat!

The saying, "You are what you eat" really is the truth! If this were reality, I would be one green veggie-- broccoli, brussel sprouts, pick ;)

On the left is a picture from the summer that Alex and I starting dating the summer of 2012. I was completing the Insanity workout and running 30 minutes a day. I think it is safe to say that I was pretty fit because my endurance was through the roof, but I still lacked the abdominal definition that I wanted!

As I got to know Alex better and see him more often, this guy was ripped. Nowadays, he is much more lean, and I love him still! ;) Anyway, Alex explained to me his Paleo lifestyle. I still ask him nutritional and fitness questions every day. It annoys him at times, but this man is like a walking Google. Why would I look stuff up when I can just ask him?!

If only I could hold his attention long enough (haha); Alex suggested that I go onto the Mark's Daily Apple to learn more about what it means to be "Paleo". What I love most about this site is how it breaks down foods, meals, and exercises. As some of you can relate to, picking up that car seat...putting it in and out of the car with a baby inside is a workout! I huff, puff, and groan with the rest of you! Same goes for when we bring in the groceries or cleaning. Instead of viewing these as chores, I see them as exercises...squats, ab work, bicep curls...

Mark also breaks down "skinny fat" in one of his articles". To sum it up, don't be afraid to lift like a man! In our BodyRock workouts, We already know which gender is superior anyway. ;)

In addition, Mark has an article called, "The Secret to Great Abs". Two years ago, I was that girl killing myself over crunches and constant ab work with plenty of running attached. As Mark points out, I still had fat on top of those abs! I am living proof that Mark's comment, "cut out all refined carbs, sugar and alcohol for two weeks. I guarantee you’ll see a major reduction in bloat and midsection fat" is legit!

In early February this year, I was telling Allie and Jordan how Alex was helping me get over my carb cravings. I LOVE cereal (nom nom nom)...not the surgary kind...Nature's Path Coconut Chia, Nature's Path Flax Plus, and Ezekiel Golden Flax...omg!! I am such a "grandmother" when it comes to foods. I like in small pieces, plain, and crunchy. It is usually all about the texture of food, instead of the taste.

Until February, I enjoyed mounds of cereal after my workouts. abs for me. As I became stronger mentally, I began substituting vegetables and lean protein for my cereals. All of a sudden, these abs that I didn't know I had began to perk up. Of course, I still have work to do, but seeing your abs or any definition on your body is so motivating!

I get that cooking those veggies and meats can be time consuming. Maybe you don't even like vegetables? I can totally relate. All I am suggesting is to try this out today, tomorrow, or sometime when you feel like you can accomplish it. Push yourself! Clean our your pantries, fridges, and freezers! Trust me, Alex loves his sweets. We have them around, but I label them as "Alex's foods" in my mind. These temptations (cereal is the worst for me!!) are always around us, but use them as motivating tools of raising my resistance to them.

I would like to add, as Allie preaches, keep the 80-20 dietary rule in mind. Be "good" 80% of the time, while having a few favorite treats every now and again for the other 20%. You owe it to yourself to look and feel good. You can do it!


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