Monday, April 7, 2014

Eat More Chocolate!

Yes, I am saying it...actually, I almost feel like screaming it-- "EAT MORE CHOCOLATE!!" (whispering..."just make sure it is high in the natural cocoa content".)

Ok, what am I talking about. Well, researchers are preaching all about "healthy fats". This includes coconut oil. Dark chocolate is just so darn tasty, I am sure you won't get too upset to try some. My husband has been telling me for the longest time that the dark chocolate he was buying for me was actually "good" for me. As some wives tend to do, I ignored my handsome husband. How on Earth can dark chocolate be healthy for me and help me with managing my weight?!

Surprisingly, dark chocolate has many more benefits than I ever thought. The specific information can be found here: Mark's Daily Apple Article on Dark Chocolate

As I have continued my research on dark chocolate; I am finally a happy believer. Throughout my day, you will find me eating dark chocolate in my pumpkin bites. Of course, I am not devouring large quantities of this good stuff, but I am enjoying what I eat. So, go out today and buy some dark chocolate to add to your diet. If you're like me, you won't regret it, and you might actually thank me one day!

The dark chocolate that I particularly appreciate is this one:

Not only am I eating chocolate, but saving the rain forest too!

A Few of my Favorite Dark Chocolate Recipes:
Dark Chocolate Macadamia Bark Sprinkled with Sea Salt
Jamie's Pinterest Board for Healthy Dark Chocolate Recipes

More articles on dark chocolate can be found on Mark's website by clicking on the links below:
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Dark Chocolate Macadamia Bark Sprinkled with Sea Salt

Eat Up, Chocolate Lovers!


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